Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Let's Talk Penny Talk

Hey Everyone! I think I need to come to the conclusion and face the fact that coffee gives me heartburn. It is a sad reality and probably won't make me stop drinking it but it is a reality. So df went to jury duty yesterday and wasn't home until 9pm. Why wasn't he home until 9pm you ask? Well, he didn't get home until 9pm because he wasn't released from jury duty until 8:30pm. I, the person that cheerfully goes to jury duty WANTING to be picked for a jury NEVER gets my number called! He rescheduled his twice and tried everything to get out of it and he gets a case! GEESH! I am so jealous.

Today I have a full mani of Essie's Penny Talk from their new Mirror Metallic collection. I actually painted this over yesterday's stamped mani so any uneven spots were actually caused by the stamping that I painted over.

I could almost get away with one coat of this baby. ALMOST! I did two coats because there were some visible brush strokes I didn't like. I think most of it was caused by the uneven stamped surface but it is also going to be prone to brushstrokes due to the finish.

I must say though, this is name PERFECTLY! It actually looks like a brand new penny it is so super shiny.

The formula was pretty good, there will be some brush stroke issues but it was easy to apply.

Did I mention it was nice and shiny?!

This polish is quite nice. It is glowy and metallic and shiny as heck. I really wish a polish could be made that is fluid and liquid metal looking like the Minx is. Something that looks like liquid Mercury on the nail would be AH MAZ ING! This line is not it but still pretty darn nice for a metallic polish.

I very much liked the color on this one. It floats between a rose gold and a copper penny color. I should have taken a picture with a shiny penny. Duh for me!

It also stamps really well as you saw yesterday.

That's all for now :)

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  1. I love this color! Finally a gold I could actually wear as a full mani! And almost no brush strokes. Might have to look for this collection online.


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