Thursday, July 19, 2012

Absolum - Your Potions Master

Hey Everyone!! I could use a nap. I am hungry too so I need to figure out what to do for dinner. I finally feel pretty good, enough to work out, but now my Achilles tendon is pretty sore so I need to rest it. I think the workout might do more harm than good. Days like today I really REALLY wish I had a pool! I could definitely swim without stressing the Achilles.

Today I have another awesome creation from CrowsToes! Her polishes are now being carried on Llarowe so you can get them there.

This one is Absolum - your potions master.

It is so cool and I still LOVE the labels on these bottles.

Ok this was another car mani. I have some clear that wasn't cleaned up but it is better looking than yesterday's orange. This is one coat on all nails. 

This polish was thick and I don't do well with thick polishes. I was trying to conserve as much as possible so I refused to do two coats. You can see how it is slightly crazy because my pinkie has a lot less glitter than my middle finger.

This is totally blingtastic and I love it! The lack of glitter on my pinkie started to bother me after awhile. It didn't bother me enough to use more of my precious though.

Since I was at work I didn't have thinner or clear to add to it and thin it a bit. I will need to do that soon though. It is so jam packed with glitter a tad of B3F clear will help it flow better. I find that most glitter polishes are so jam packed that they will need thinning and it really isn't a big deal in my book. Especially when a polish looks this cool!

I love the mix of colors and glitters in this polish. I very much wanted to take it off and then redo the mani with an array of different base colors because I was so excited. I didn't and instead just started at my nails a whole lot while wearing it.

That's all for now :)


  1. You're so cute! That is a cool polish- I can't wait for my Crows :)

    1. :D Thanks :) lol OMG you are going to LOVE them! I only have three, I NEED MOAR!!!!

  2. I've been known to do car manis, too. Sometimes it's just the only way I can fit it in. :)

    1. Lol yeah, sometimes it is that or nothing. Today it is nothing as I didn't even have time for a car mani. Before I started blogging I would say probably half if not more of my manis were car manis lol


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