Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fear or Desire

Hey Everyone! As promised I have some beach photos for you today. I took them Friday evening. I used to spend so much time on Hollywood Beach as a kid. It has changed so much but I still love going there.

When we were young we KNEW we were close when we saw the big waterball.

I have been wanting to go to the beach but there was SO MUCH seaweed I am kinda rethinking. I HATE seaweed. It kinda creeps me out.

Love the water though!

The boardwalk. Spent tons of time hanging out there.

My favorite time at the beach is when the sun is behind the buildings and it is getting dark.

Today I have Essie Fear or Desire from the 2012 Summer Collection Bikini So Teeny. I am on a major orange polish kick lately and I need all the oranges.

This is two coats of Fear or Desire. I did this mani in the car so I hadn't done cleanup yet. I was also going to add glitter to this baby so I wasn't ready for cleanup.

This is a great orange! I love it!

It is a really nice creme with great application and makes me think of a smooth orange ice cream bar. I have no idea why. Perhaps because I am hungry and ready to eat lol.

Sadly to the naked eye it looked like I did a pretty neat job polishing and I didn't think I needed that much cleanup. Then macro came along and ruined it.

This is a perfect summer color. Bold and bright.

I very much like this polish. It reminds me of Jesse's Girl Crush though I believe this one is darker. I will have to check on that when I get a chance.

That's all for now :)


  1. That's such a pretty orange color:) And thanks a lot for the beach photo's!!! It's cold, grey, stormy and rainy over here:(

    1. I will swap places with you!! I love cold, grey, stormy and rainy!! You can have the sun and heat!

      It is a nice orange. I am going to have to dig out my oranges, I believe it is close to a few others.

  2. Love that big water tower beach ball!

  3. Me TOO! It is cute! It always makes me want a beach ball.

  4. This is funny! I think there was something in the air last week. I posted an orange too and it was the first time I wore orange on my nails. It was a fun experience. You should check it out if you don't have it. It's the one from the spring collection (Orange, It's Obvious!). It's a lot more red compared to this one.

    1. THERE IS! I saw another blog post as I was going back through my reader (I have to catch up since I haven't been online since Friday) and she did an orange with Absolum over it. Gah! I always hate blogging about something close to when another blogged about it. I actually have Orange, It's Obvious! I can't get enough of oranges. It is still untried but I have a feeling that it won't stay that way for long.

  5. I wore a full orange manicure for the first time a couple weeks ago and I loved it! Also the only thing seaweed is good for is eating... Well seaweed that has been properly processed. Not seaweed I found on the ground and stuffed into my mouth.

    1. OMG I totally just imagined someone walking along the shore line picking up seaweed and stuffing it into their mouth as they go. TOO FUNNY!

      I love orange! It is really a fun color to wear. Especially in Fall and Summer.


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