Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blue Raspberry Taffy and a Million Sparkles

Hey Everyone! I think I have lost my mind. I just edited the pictures for this post then went back into the file and see that I have edited them at a previous time. I don't think I posted this polish as I did check in the Finger Paints label but I might just be crazy. I did just work out so I am still recovering but I am completely baffled. If this is a repeat we will blame the exercise and hunger. I am pretty hungry right now since I didn't have my regular banana snack after work. I am going to make this a quick one so I can get changed and eat dinner. 

This mani is from back when Finger Paints came out with their Spring collection Gumdrops and Lollipops. I bought this polish first, instead of Circus Peanuts, because I was being cheap that day and I can't resist a blue polish. We all know what happened when I went back for Circus Peanuts. I will say though that I do LOVE this color and am happy I bought it. I had also recently seen and snatched up a new Nicole By OPI polish that sparkled so much I couldn't resist. Since I couldn't decide between the two I did an accent nail with the glitter.

Finger Paints Blue Raspberry Taffy and Nicole by OPI A Million Sparkles.

It was hard to get these pictures color accurate. This one is fairly accurate but not exact, it is somewhere between this picture and the one below it. The flash washed out the color in some of the pictures. It is a gorgeous BRIGHT blue that makes me want some taffy NOW. Did I mention I am hungry?

I used two coats of Blue Raspberry Taffy and one coat of A Million Sparkles. 

I think this may be the most accurate color wise. I did experience a bit of staining with this polish but nothing too crazy and nothing a new mani couldn't cover up.

I was having some cuticle issues as always but my nails were SO LONG! 

A Million Sparkles is quite the eye catcher. It has some bar glitter in there so those with strong feelings against the bars you will probably not enjoy that aspect of this one. It is super pretty though and really sparkly.

I loved this mani and I love both of these polishes. I am a total blue polish freak! I would like some taffy now I think. 

That's all for now :)


  1. Wow! Beautiful and your nails look great:) Did you work out again, sporty turtle? Next week I'l start with "Fat Burner Step Aerobic";)

    1. Thank you :) YUP I sure did! Another 15 minute workout. One day I will make it up to 20, one day lol. Fat Burner Step Aerobic sounds worse than the elliptical lol

  2. Gorgeous blue! I would own all blues in the world if I could. And the glitter accent is also great!

    1. Me TOO! I have so many blues it is crazy. I can tell the difference (even if it is only me that can lol) and they are all special lol. Thanks! I love blue and glittery blue is even better!


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