Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lovely Lilacs

Hey Everyone! Today was such a slow day at work we were able to leave early. I was so super excited. I ended up coming home and starting my nails early for tomorrow's July 4th mani. What a headache! The nails look cool but omg I had issues. We have a sick kid here and I believe I might be getting sick too. I am not thrilled. Hopefully I can avoid it but my throat feels scratchy and icky. 

Today I have a polish for you from the Indie polish brand SmittenPolish created by the lovely Noelie. This was the first Smitten Polish I wore. I must note that this baby is gorgeous but I could not for the life of me to get the pictures completely color accurate. It is much deeper purple than the pictures show. I apologize for that but no matter what I tried I could not get it where I wanted it.

Smitten Poilsh Lovely Lilacs.

Excuse the chip but this was one of the closest pictures as far as color. It is a deep purple jelly! Very pretty and packed with tons of glitter.

This polish sparkles like crazy!

I can't remember if this was two or three coats. Please smack me with a shoe. I am totally having a moment.

I wore this mani twice but only took pictures of one of them. It has been crazy lately and I totally forgot to take pictures the first time I wore it. 

There are tons of pink and purple glitter in there and some holo too. Can you see all that glitter?

I can't find a happy medium here. When I wear holos there is NO SUN and when I don't care about the sun so much it is blazing and washing out my photos. I can't win.

You however CAN win by going over to Noelie's shop and picking this baby up. You won't regret it! It was definitely distracting while I was driving. 

That's all for now :)


  1. Joehoe (youhou;)

    I'm still alive!!! Don't get sick my dear. Love the polish so much:) Big hugs for everyone and good luck with your own private zoo;) x

    1. YAY!!!! I am glad you are still alive! I have missed you! Thank you :) I am trying not to get sick but both kids are sneezing and I feel my throat is scratchy. I am hoping I avoid it.
      Thank you :) our zoo needs luck lol.

  2. Oops, forgot to say: enjoy your holiday!!! (you don't have to work, do you?)

    1. Nope, no work today!!! I am so excited to be home! I am going to enjoy lots of food and my brother got some fireworks for the kids so we should have fun! Thank you :)

    2. Turtle-sweetie, lots of food is a no go;) What about Weight Watchers?? Mother Silke is watching you;) I love fireworks! Enjoy:)

    3. shhhhh! lol I won't discuss the cookies I made the with kids lol They weren't WW approved but the apple pie was :)

  3. This is a pretty glitter! I love Noelie's blog! It's one of the first blogs I subscribed to.
    I always do that when I wear something. I put it on and then when I write the blog post I don't remember how many coats it was or how it applied. I started taking notes but often I forget that as well.

    1. Noelie is awesome! She is making some amazing polishes and she is super sweet too.

      Omg I have a notebook where I am supposed to be keeping track of my manis. Yeah, I don't do that really well at all lol


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