Monday, July 2, 2012

It has been a Circus

Hey Everyone! Long time no post. My blog is finally cleared from the malware warning it was getting, thank goodness. I was starting to freak out and couldn't get it figured out so I almost shelved the blog. Luckily I had some awesome people help me out and google got me scanned and cleared. I think I will keep my blogroll down for awhile just to be safe. 

It has been kinda hectic around here and quite frankly circus like. I picked this mani from the stash of pictures I have waiting to be posted for the reason. It has been stressful and crazy and at least things seem to be settling down a bit. I am working on a couple big crochet projects which is taking some time to deal with as well. 

On the animal front the puppy got his surgery and is doing very well. He keeps climbing the stairs which he isn't supposed to do. He is not house broken and he is in the puppy chewing stage so it is quite hectic. I have very sad news about the kittens. The little guy had a couple of seizures two weeks ago. They were really bad and he didn't come out of the last one. We rushed him to the emergency vet but had to make the difficult decision to let him go. They both had a disease that I can't even begin to pronounce and the little guy had worse effects from it. I was heartbroken and am still sad but he is in a better place and not in pain or discomfort any more. The other little guy is doing well and our vet named him Neil. He is getting bigger and is quite the character. 

Ok on to the POLISH!!!

This polish is from the 2012 Spring Finger Paints Gumdrops and Lollipops collection. I saw this polish in the store but passed on it thinking I would come back later and get it. I figured it wouldn't be a popular color but I was incredibly wrong. I never found it again and had several wonderful ladies keeping an eye out for it for me. One of them was sweet enough to find it and RAOK it to me and I am so thankful to her for that. I LOVE this polish and am so happy I was finally able to get it! 

Finger Paints Circus Peanuts!!!

I also went on the hunt for real circus peanuts. They were not easy to find but I ended up snagging them at Walgreens. I think I went through two bags before I had some to take pictures with. They didn't last too long. Everyone loves circus peanuts!

Real circus peanuts!

If you didn't have the candy nearby the color seemed to be pretty color accurate from memory. Once I had the candy in front of me though I realized the color wasn't as close as I thought.

It was a pinky, coral like orange color. Very unique and very pretty.

There were times when it looked light and kinda like a weird skin color on me. I didn't mind it though. Mostly in the bright sunlight. 

I love this color. I liked most of the collection and ended up getting most of them on clearance at Sally's. I may actually catch up with swatching one day.

That's all for now :)


  1. Oh yay you finally found them!

    1. YES I DID! I actually did a happy dance too. You know I found a comment of yours lost in my spam folder yesterday. I have no idea how it got there and I have no idea what post it was on because I clicked not spam and then I couldn't find it again. I promise I am not ignoring your comments! I think this is the second time that has happened to one of your comments. I need to figure that out.

  2. Welcome back! I tried to swing by your blog a few times last week but I kept getting the warning. Glad it's gone! I love the color. It looks so pretty on you! I don't think it would look as good on me. These are the types of polishes that make my hands look weird. Oh and so sorry for the kitten. It's heartbreaking when a pet dies :(

    1. Thank you!!! I know, I was soooo upset over the warnings because I knew it wasn't my blog and I couldn't figure out how to clear the warning. I am glad it is gone and I didn't do anything rash like delete the blog lol.

      Thank you :) I was surprised I liked it on me actually. I LOVED the color but often weird colors tend to look better in the bottle than actually on me.

      It was tough. I was upset for a few days but I know it really is best for him. He was much more sick than Neil and wasn't going to do well. I think he was partially if not mostly blind too which didn't help. Poor baby.


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