Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Zoya Channing

Hey Everyone!! Once again I got a late start on editing and posting because I had to wait my turn for the computer. I am going to try and get ahead a little bit this weekend so that I can get the posts up earlier. We will see how that goes.

Tonight I have Zoya Channing from the Fall Cashmeres and Satins collection. Channing is from the Satins part of the collection.

I used three coats of Channing. It is a gorgeous metallic rusty copper red shade. 

Since I can't leave anything alone I had to try some stamping over it. I really loved the color of Channing and thought gold would look nice. I was also too lazy to go look for a copper polish to stamp but I really like the way the gold looks so my laziness worked out well. I used Essie Good as Gold for the stamping. 

I stamped with Cheeky plate CH-44 from their 2012 Summer collection. I think these look slightly like brass knuckles which I don't mind at all. 

C was very upset because I hadn't shown him this mani last night and he says it is the coolest one I have done lately. He only noticed it because he came up behind me while I was editing the pictures. Perhaps he should pay more attention.

I really liked the metallic color combination for this mani and it was nice and bold and kept catching my attention throughout the day. Definitely one of my favorites.

I meant to take a picture of Channing without the stamping but I completely forgot about it. I will definitely be using this polish again so I will have to remember to get pictures of it then. 

That's all for now :)

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