Thursday, January 16, 2014

Power Clutch and School of Hard Rocks

Hey Everyone!! It is almost Friday! Yay! I think I am getting sick. I might just be losing my mind. I think I have a swollen lymph node which generally means you are sick from what I read but I don't feel sick yet. I am going to the doctor tomorrow because I am a paranoid freak. T has a sore throat currently so I am really hoping he isn't getting sick. The weather has gone from cold front to 80 degrees back to cold front which I don't think is helping. I am absolutely loving the cool air though. I should have worn socks today since my feet are freezing. Right now I am seriously regretting not buying a pair of boots. My feet are cold in their sockless flats.

Continuing on with Essie week I have two polishes to show you today.

For this mani I used Essie Power Clutch from the 2011 Fall Carry On collection and School of Hard Rocks from the 2011 Winter Cocktail Bling Collection. I used three coats of Power Clutch on my index and pinky fingers and three coats of School of Hard Rocks on my ring and middle finger.

I used the opposite color to stamp with Cheeky Jumbo-A plate. This was the first time my rectangular squishy stamper and I got along fabulously. You can see where a bit of the pattern was messed up on my ring finger but that was my fault.

When I first looked at these pictures I almost forgot which color I used where. Due to the pattern they looked the same to me. I figured it out but because I left after dark last night so I had to rely on indoor and dim lighting some of the pictures were useless. 

This is one of those pictures that the colors look really close.

I really love both of these colors. They are dark and cozy looking. Both applied very nicely and stamped really well.

I need to do something about my indoor lighting situation.

I attempted to take a picture under the light in my car. It wasn't awful and at least you can see the difference in the two colors.

That reminds me I should go take pictures of my mani before the sun goes down and I am stuck using indoor lighting again.

I should probably brush my hair too since I am going out to dinner tonight and I have yet to brush it today. 

That's all for now :)


  1. I love this mani! Great job.

  2. Great mani! Get some rest over the weekend; hopefully, you'll be lucky and won't come down with anything.

    1. Thanks :) I'm trying hard not to get sick. It is going to be a bad syfy movie kinda day so I can lounge and rest.


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