Thursday, January 2, 2014

Green Rocket

Hey Everyone!!! I am back at work today. It is thrilling. My machine is down so I can't print, fax or scan and that has me backed up and basically sitting here with nothing to do. The guy is supposed to come fix it for me today so I should be quite busy later.

Today I have a polish that I was desperate to get for Christmas. When I saw this in the Fall I passed on it thinking I could get it later. Well, later came and Walgreens changed their polish displays to those stupid gift sets and perfume sets no one wants to see. Last year I was obsessed with red and white glitter for Christmas and this year I wanted green and white. I finally found this polish at Target. I bought it then wouldn't you know they popped up at the store closer to my house on clearance. I was super excited to find it so I didn't get too upset, especially since they aren't too expensive to start. I would have preferred getting it on clearance but I am just psyched that I got it. I was starting to lose hope.

Sally Hansen Green Rocket. This one comes from their Limited Edition Fall 2013 Glitter collection for the Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear line. That was quite a mouth full. Does anyone else not understand why Sally Hansen has about a million different lines?

Green Rocket is a great assortment of green and white glitter in various sizes and shapes.

This was three coats. 

I wouldn't mind if there was more glitter in there so I didn't have to do as many coats but I like the polish a lot so it is ok. I thought I was going to have to franken my own until I finally found a bottle.

I can see this coming out for St. Patrick's Day too.

I used Bundle Monster plate BM-H01 for the reindeer stamping. The present nail didn't come out very well. 

As much as I love Rudolph I liked this mani more without the stamping.

That's all for now :)


  1. Yeah, Sally and her billions of lines (and she's coming out with at least one new one I've heard of). It frustrates me, yet I keep buying the new ones, so I'm part of the problem, I guess. :)

    1. MORE?! Gawsh. I saw that satin and sugar coat display that finally arrived at my stores. I swear that company and all their different bottle shapes makes me crazy. Well I am part of the problem too because if I see them on sale I do pick them up if there is something that interests me lol


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