Thursday, January 9, 2014

We are the Music Makers

 Hey Everyone!! It is now warm here again. Boo!! I have the doors open at work but I don't know if they will be open all day because it is getting warmer it seems. I am not pleased. I like sweater weather. I am not really motivated to make more fingerless gloves now that it is too hot to wear them. I finally, after over a year, found a pattern and was able to execute it correctly. I am pleased and excited and have already made two pair. I am trying to get back into crocheting however I find too much of it leaves my neck and shoulder sore. I will have pictures of some projects soon.

Now on to what you all are really waiting for...more Indigo Bananas! Today I have one from the 2013 holiday Paradise Collection. I have to warn you now this post is extremely picture heavy. I tried to get pictures of the shift in colors but I didn't have much sun and though I could see it clearly on the nail I couldn't capture it on camera. 

Indigo Bananas We are the Music Makers. This won me over with the name and Willy Wonka reference even before I saw the actual polish.

It has a gorgeous teal jelly base with an insane color shifting mix of glitter. You get green, teal, blue, red, violet and holographic shimmer in this one pretty little bottle. It is actually a lot prettier on the nail than I can actually show or describe.

I wanted to try this polish alone but I also wanted to see what it would do over a darker base. I used an accent nail with a base of two coats Orly Le Chateau from the 2011 Holiday Soiree Collection.

I used three coats on everything but the accent nail. The color built up nicely.

This baby is definitely a glitter so it does dry a little rough. I only used one coat of top coat but I did think about adding another just to make it extra smooth. In the end I didn't and it was shiny and mostly smooth but those of you that have an issue with texture might want to use a thicker top coat or a coat of Gealous.

I wish I could do this polish justice. I might have to wait for the sun to come out again and redo the mani and see if I can get better pictures.

I can't decide if I like it better alone or over Le Chateau.

I took a lot of pictures trying to show the different colors in this polish. You can see more green in my pinky and more purple in my index finger in the picture above.

It was hard to capture but fun to wear. I kept moving my hands around so I could watch the glitter shift colors. I noticed in the really bad lighting in the bathroom it liked to stay purple.

Weird angles brought out more purple.

These last pictures were taken in the horrible bathroom lighting but I needed to try and get that purple shift. It shows up a little better in these pictures but not nearly as strong as it is in person.

I am loving the color shifting glitter.

Finally a better peek at the purple.

This polish is really very pretty.

I had a lot of fun wearing it. I know these last two pictures are almost identical but that is ok. I can't get enough of this polish.

I am definitely impressed with the polish and what I have experienced from Indigo Bananas so far. I have one polish left to show you tomorrow. I also rather love this polish for the name.

That's all for now :)


  1. Replies
    1. Oh I am glad you can see it lol I was worried the pictures wouldn't show it enough.

  2. Love this! I can definitely see that color shift and I can imagine how pretty it was in real life.

    1. It was so hard to capture. Definitely better in person. Glad you could see the shift though. I was worried it wouldn't show well.


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