Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mountain High Chinchilly

Hey Everyone!!! Well this wasn't the post I planned on for today but it will have to do. Last night I ate taco salad and apparently it didn't play nice with my GERD. Not sure exactly what part of the salad but my tummy was very grumbly and heartburn like. I was in no mood to edit pictures. Then I got sucked into the National Championship game. That didn't help my stomach any. I am not an Auburn fan but I am very very anti Florida State as a UM fan. I thought Auburn was going to pull it out but in the end they made a couple more errors and let it slip away. I was not pleased. I get far too involved in games. I swear they are going to cause me to develop an ulcer at some point. So that was my night of not doing photos and blog post preparation. I hope everyone is staying warm and safe out there. I keep hearing how cold it is from friends about the country and it is insane. Please stay safe everyone!

Today I have a cozy mani to show you. This one makes me think of a sweater and just being nice and cozy in general. I loved it. I forgot how much I love this polish.

I started with a base of Essie Chinchilly. I used three coats for this one.

Since I needed sparkle I put a coat of Wet N Wild Fergie Holiday polish Mountain High.

I loved this mani. I kept it on for a couple of days because I enjoyed it so much.

Please excuse the cuticle cut. I have no idea how it happened I just know it hurt and looks nasty. I forgot to put something over it.

Mountain High is a great polish! I love the iridescent glitter and flakies in it. Since the base is milky it did slightly change the appearance of Chinchilly but not too much.

That's all for now :)

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