Monday, January 13, 2014

I won a giveaway and Parka Perfect.

Hey Everyone!!! Omg what a Monday it has been and it is only 11:05. Apparently my phone did something stupid last night and the alarm didn't go off. T had to come wake me up at 6:42 asking why I hadn't woken him up for school yet. My phone wouldn't turn on and the red light that comes on when it is being charged was lit up. It was non responsive to anything but taking the battery out We have no idea what happened. It may have not been plugged into the wall completely but the phone was in a weird frozen state of not wanting to turn on. I was too tired when I got back from dropping him off so I didn't try out the new exercise bike. I didn't want to get up for work either. It threw everything off not having that shower to wake me up before taking him to school. Then when I was getting ready to leave C couldn't locate his wallet which could have been a major issue. He found it in the laundry. I stopped by CVS to get a drink and that took longer than expected so I was late to work. When I got to work our container arrived and the moron driver parked it so crooked that I can't park in my normal spot. The warehouse guy was trying to convince me I fit but I didn't feel comfortable parking there. Instead of actually telling me I needed to not park at the other space he didn't so when the delivery of stuff just arrived guess who had to go and move her car? Yup I had to squeeze it in between my boss' car and the truck anyway. 

Today I have a mani for you and some pictures from an awesome giveaway I recently won. THANK YOU TAMMY!!! Not too long ago The Canadian Nail Fanatic held a giveaway and I was totally surprised and stoked to find out I won it! I was so excited. If you aren't already a follower go over there and follow, you won't regret it! Tammy does AMAZING stamping manis and is a sweetheart! I always check out her blog for stamping inspiration and if I ever want to see what a plate looks like I check her blog to see if she has used it. Seriously, follow her! I actually pulled her blog up to get the link and realized I wasn't yet following her on Instagram so I had to do that before posting. 

The giveaway was back in November and it was for 3 Dashica plates of your choice and two Sally Hansen Nail Prisms. I was super stoked at the prospect of getting the plates alone but the Nail Prisms were unicorns I never attempted to hunt down because I thought it would be impossible to find. I was crazy excited to win. This is what actually came in the package, Tammy snuck some extra goodies in there as well as the plates and polishes.

Some cute nail decals and a plastic scraper. I have been wanting to try out a plastic scraper so that is way cool. Those decals are super cute too. I love hearts.

Not only did she send the nail prisms but also a cute W7 glitter too!

I had picked Dash55 because of the cat images. I need to do cat manis! It is a need!

I loved the rain clouds and that star pattern on Dash54. I love rain.

Dash8 has that heart pattern that I could not resist. I think the flowers are super cute too but those hearts won me over.

There was also some tea, chocolate and that cute little gingerbread man. Super awesome prize package! Thank you so much Tammy!!! I love your blog and I loved this prize so much!

I of course had to use the plates asap. I had picked up Essie Parka Perfect from their 2013 Winter collection when I had some extrabucks at CVS. I figured it would be perfect to use with the rain on Dash54. When I pulled out the plates I was struck by the swirly pattern on Dash55 and used it instead.

I used three coats of Parka Perfect and three coats of Essie Chinchilly on my ring finger. Parka Perfect has a really pretty shimmer to it in the bottle but it is pretty hidden on the nail. That was slightly disappointing but the color is so pretty it makes up for it. I am not a huge fan of Essie because most of the polish I find streaky and thin and difficult to apply. Chinchilly was fine but Parka Perfect started out with that same thin and streaky consistency I am not fond of. It ended up being ok but I did need the three coats to make sure it was even. 

When I started stamping I was a little concerned that neither polish would stamp well enough to be seen on the other color. I was really surprised and thrilled with how well the stamping came out.

Chinchilly I thought would stamp decently because it is a little thicker and darker. It worked very nicely. Parka Perfect actually stamped really well and shows up very nicely over Chinchilly. I am still surprised this worked out so well. I am loving the Dash plate as well. The image is crisp and clear and so pretty. I can't wait to try the other designs out.

I didn't get a lot of pictures of this mani unfortunately. It was really very pretty. I was kind of reminded of drapes or a very pretty couch. I love these colors together.

I want to say another big thank you to Tammy over at Canadian Nail Fanatic! Also if you want to go check out the Dash plates you can see the website here. There is a new line of Infinity plates that they just released recently too. Now that I have tried these babies I am going to have to get more. They are great little plates with super cute designs.

That's all for now :)


  1. Congratulations on your win! Great prize--and that glitter looks so fun. Love the color combo in your mani, too.

    1. Thank you :)

      The glitter will be coming up soon. It really does look fun. I have to decide how to do that mani.


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