Friday, January 10, 2014

Medusa Transducer

Hey Everyone!! I am going to try and get through this post without getting called away to work. I have to do shipping duties today and my boss keeps popping in and out since he is filling the orders. I am hoping I can get it done before I have to go out there and before I have to leave today. 

I have a cute picture of Bruce for you today. He looks thrilled doesn't he. This is from a few days ago. This morning I tried to take a picture of him and he kept running away from me when I pointed the camera at him. He is silly. I finally caved and joined the dark side of Instagram! I have no idea what I am doing so we will see how that goes.

Today was supposed to be the last installment of my Indigo Bananas polishes. Well, I had found a blog sale that happened to have an Indigo Bananas polish for a decent price and I jumped on it. That one just arrived last night, which reminds me I need to let the seller know it arrived, so I will show you that one next week. I am loving their polishes.

This little baby is called Medusa Transducer. This polish was from their 2013 Halloween/Fall collection.

Medusa Transducer is a charcoal jelly based packed with iridescent glitter that shifts from orange to gold to green. It looks copper a lot of the time and is absolutely stunning. It also a mix of microshimmers to give it even more gorgeousness. On top of all that awesomeness this baby glows in the dark. I found that out when I got into bed and my glowing nails startled me. I had totally forgotten that it glows in the dark. It was startling then very very cool.

I wanted to do a little stamping as an accent nail so I used the weird swirly pattern on Mash plate Mash-49. I used Essie Good as Gold from their Mirror Metallics collection. I love that collection for stamping.

So this time I wanted to use a base color on most of the nails. I really didn't want to use too much of Medusa Transducer since it is a mini bottle. I also wanted to see what it looked like with a dark color under it. I used Orly Le Chateau from their Holiday Soiree collection for the base.

I used two coats of Le Chateau then one coat of Medusa on my index and pinky fingers and two coats on my middle finger. On my ring finger I used three coats of Medusa Transducer on my bare nail.

I love the color shift of those iridescent glitter. They shift quite often and quite nicely. I should have stamped with a copper color but when I decided to use Good as Gold the glitter was flashing more of a gold color. It still works so I wasn't too upset.

The glowing power on this polish is really strong. I didn't notice it at first but then when I did and got over the initial scare and confusion as to what was glowing I saw how nicely it glows. I had this on one of the nights I couldn't sleep this week and it glowed strongly pretty much the entire time I was awake. I am impressed with the glow power. 

To get a stronger glow the site says to use at least two coats. I will say that the nails with two and three coats did glow stronger than the other nails but the nails with one coat glowed nicely as well.

I really enjoyed this polish and like it best with no base color. I will probably try it over a black jelly polish next time so I can conserve the pretty but still have the same look. It is a great Halloween polish.

That's all for now :)


  1. I just wrote a comment and I got an error from Google so I lost everything I wrote. I was telling you that I missed Bruce and that he's so handsome!
    I love the glitter because it's more subtle, so it can be worn at work too. And I can't wait to talk to you on Instagram!

    1. I hate when that happens!! I lose very long emails sometimes and it makes me crazy.
      Bruce thanks you :) I will try and get more pictures of the animals up. Neil has been the most cooperative this weekend.
      It is a really cool glitter. I love that it glows in the dark too lol Ohh I had to go follow you! I am not sure how to use it yet but you will be seeing me there lol


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