Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Moonlight (clair de lune)

Hey Everyone!! I was thinking recently that maybe I could go through my Indie polishes and do a week for each brand. Some of the brands I have way more than a week's worth of polishes but others I only have a few. I am thinking maybe every other week doing and Indie week of posting. I haven't really planned it out but I am really wanting to try and get through all of my untrieds. Since I have been giving more thought to narrowing my stash I figure it will also give me a chance to see what I love and what I might be able to part with. I don't know who I am trying to kid because we both know I don't know the meaning of purge. We will see how it goes since I am still working out the details. What I do know is that this week I have a new to me brand that I absolutely love.

Today I have my current favorite polish to show you. Yup, I said it, current favorite. My friend laughed at me when I said that and told me picking a favorite was like picking your favorite kid out of 2,000. That pretty much sums it up. I already showed you this polish in the Concert Mani but here you get a nice look at a full mani in all it's sparkly glory.

Indigo Bananas Moonlight (clair de lune). I believe this is from their Halloween/Fall releases, at least that is where you can find it on Etsy. Currently I only see the mini bottle in stock. Their mini bottles are a generous 8ml which I like a lot. I love this polish so much a mini wouldn't be enough though. I did order the other two colors in mini bottles and I am very happy with the size. 

I wanted to add a little something to this mani because I just can't leave anything alone. I decided a simple addition would be best because what I really want to see is Moonlight. I used PUEEN36 from the Love Elements plates and stamped that little tear drop looking design on the bottom left. I stamped with Sally Hansen Insta Dri Quick Jeanius. I then placed a small metallic blue rhinestone in the center to give it more pop. I loved this mani so much. 

Look at that sparkle!!! Moonlight is not a glitter. This baby is a silver flakie polish. It is amazing and bright and oh so sparkly. This is the closest thing to a metal look I have seen. I used three coats for this mani. I can not rave about this polish enough. I looked at my nails far too much when I wore this mani and I am already thinking of how I can wear it again. 

I actually think it is more shiny and sparkly in low lighting rather than direct sunlight. I didn't really get any good pictures in the sun because the sun wasn't cooperating. I top coated the stones this time after losing them so quickly in the Concert Mani but I still managed to loose one before I had a chance to take the pictures. This was the second day of wear so they did stay on all day with no problem. I only lost one stone. Too bad I didn't notice before I left home without a replacement.

Can you see why this is my current favorite polish? I love it.

Aside from the silver flakie there are also purple and black microglitter in it. I hardly even notice the microglitter except that there are angles when you can see a flash of color. I might be too blinded by the shiny to notice the microglitter most of the time. This has to be the shiniest polish I own. 

I know this picture is a little blurry but SHINY!

This was the one picture I took that was more in the sunlight. Another great thing about this polish is that since it isn't a glitter it doesn't have the awful glitter removal stubbornness. It is quite easy to remove though you will have silver flakies hanging around after removal. A quick wash of the hands and you are good to go. Can you imagine something this awesome AND it is easy to remove? Oh yes, this polish is awesome!

Tomorrow I will have another Indigo Bananas polish to show you. I am so excited. My wallet isn't thrilled that I have found another Indie maker that I must buy all the polishes from but I am really excited!

That's all for now :)


  1. Indigo Bananas--how have I not heard of this brand 'til now?! Just the name makes my smile, never mind the sparklies in the bottle. :)

    1. I actually saw something about them in that new Nails magazine awhile back. I hadn't really heard about them before but I love love love the name and the logo. When they had their Black Friday sale I figured I would give it a try. OMG love.

    2. I think I bought one issue of that mag and then forgot all about it--I'm even worse keeping up with magazine than I am with my swatching. :)

  2. sparkly...and love how you glammed it up even more!

    1. Isn't it? They have a more rose gold version too which I will be needing soon. So sparkly. Thank you :)


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