Monday, January 20, 2014

Dulcie's Fairy Slap

Hey Everyone!! I took today off to hang out with T since he didn't have school. We went out and ran some errands and had lunch where we ran into an unexpected guest. Apparently a duck wanted to have lunch with us, or maybe he wanted our lunch. I wasn't able to get today's post up earlier but definitely wanted to get it up today. Since it is Indie week I thought I would start off with this awesome Indie I recently received as a prize for an awesome Giveaway. 

I recently entered a giveaway on the blog Oh Three Oh Four and I was actually the winner. SQUEE. I was so excited. The prize was an awesome collaboration polish from Silly Bee's Chickadees and Dulcie from Oh Three Oh Four. Silly Bee's Chickadees collaborated with 5 bloggers to create the holiday Gift of Melly Collection. The polishes were inspired by the bloggers' favorite scene from their favorite Christmas movie and 20% of the sales were donated to the blogger's favorite charity. Super cool event and collection.

The prize arrived and I was super excited. Along with the gorgeous polish was two yummy flavored Chapsticks. Thank you so much Dulcie!!! 

Dulcie's Fairy Slap was inspired by a scene in the movie Scrooged. I think I may have seen the movie long ago but I can't remember it so I am going to have to rewatch it. 

This is the first Silly Bee's Chickadees polish I have tried and I am quite impressed. 

I used two coats of Dulcie's Fairy Slap over three coats of China Glaze Go Go Pink.

I thought the soft pink would make a great base for those awesome holo dots.

Dulcie's Fairy Slap is a clear base polish with holo pink dots, holo stars, holo shredded glitter and micro glitter in white and silver. This polish is so sparkly and pretty.

You can see how awesome those large dots are. I love the dots and the stars and shards and everything. It is sparkly and awesome.

This polish was a little on the thick side so I would recommend using some thinner. I should have used some after a couple of nails but decided to just use it as it is. There was no major issue it was just thicker than I prefer working with. 

I took a ton of pictures of this polish because it was so pretty. 

Very sparkly both in the sun and in lower lighting. 

I want to try this over all of the other colors now. I did use two coats of top coat to make sure all the glitters were secure and flat.

I am really impressed with Silly Bee's Chickadees and will definitely have to try more of these polishes in the near future. 

Dulcie's Fairy Slap is still available in the Etsy shop and I can definitely recommend it.

I can also definitely recommend Dulcie's blog Oh Three Oh Four. I love her blog and you need to go follow her now. I can wait while you go over there and check it out :)

Don't mind my nails, they look funny at certain angles because of the gel mani base and the amount of coats I used on this mani. 

Thank you again for this awesome giveaway Dulcie :)

That's all for now :)


  1. Very pretty polish! There's a lot going on but it all coordinates, which is great.

    1. Lol yeah it does have a lot going on. It is so sparkly though that pretty much distracts me from noticing :)


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