Monday, February 25, 2013

My Chauffeur has Angel Eyes

Hey Everyone! Ok, yes the title of this post is lame lol It did work for using the title of both polishes though. 

Today I have a quick post for you. I can't believe it is so late, I am running behind tonight for some reason. I have to go check my son's take home test and maybe have some homemade ice cream. 

For this mani I used two of the polishes I used with Essie Butler Please for the last mani. I felt bad for them since they only had a supporting roll in the the last mani.

I started with three coats of Where's My Chauffeur? 

I decided to do a coat of Orly Angel Eyes on top.

I really liked these two together.

The only issue I had is that Angel Eyes is pretty dense. This is actually a great thing if you want to use is alone but over another polish it didn't create quite the look I was going for.

These pictures in the sun are more accurate with the color of Where's My Chauffeur.

I was trying to show the sparkle of Angel Eyes but the sun wasn't real cooperative. It doesn't help that I get out of work as the sun goes down so I am trying to catch some rays between buildings as I wait in traffic.

I only take the camera out when I am at a complete standstill. Unfortunately this is quite often because the horrible drivers here make traffic awful.

Angel Eyes is quite pretty. I am tempted to go do a full mani with it tonight. 

That's all for now :)

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