Monday, February 18, 2013

14 Days of Valentines Day 13

Hey Everyone! OMG WHEN AM I NOT BEHIND!?! Even though this year we didn't celebrate Valentine's Day we did plan on watching a movie and having some sort of sweet, otherwise frowned upon, desert. Between that plan and my mother stealing the computer I didn't get a chance to post my last two manis. THEN photobucket would not cooperate and kept freezing. Figures!
I had a different plan for this mani but I couldn't find the supplies so I altered it a tad. I have no idea where I put things and STILL can't find what I am looking for which is annoying.

I used Bettina Earth for the base color. I used three coats for this mani because it wasn't quite even with two.

I used Bundle Monster plate BM-317. I was dying to use this design since it is my favorite on the plate.

Picture taken from ArtsyFartsyCrafts ebay page for item.
I had bought some caviar beads but could never figure out how I wanted to use them when this idea popped into my head.

First I stamped the image with a Color Club pink that is unnamed because it came in a set. Then I used Cult Nails Untamed to fill in the big heart on each nail.

I used the Color Club pink under Untamed to fill in the heart that my caviar beads was going on to make them stand out more.

Then I covered the heart with the caviar beads.

Looking back I think had I let the pink dry and then used clear polish to attach the beads it might have looked slightly better. I will try that next time.

I absolutely loved this mani!!!

I think the beads worked well and I covered them with two nice coats of top coat and they were nice and secure.

This mani made me think of chocolate and candy. I am trying to think of more ways to use those caviar beads.

That's all for now :)

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