Monday, February 4, 2013

14 Days of Valentines Day 4

Hey Everyone!! My 14 days posts will be late because I am doing them in real time. Each mani is what I am actually wearing that day so I have to get pictures, edit and post. SO I am somewhat late tonight. I also went to the store for dinner stuff and came home only to realize I forgot the meat so back to the store I had to go. That put me behind from the start. It is also something quite typical of me lol. What is not typical of me is the pink polish that I am wearing for you today.

Today I have a Cult Nails polish for you. I forgot to take a bottle shot but it is Cult Nails Untamed. Untamed is from the Untamed Collection designed by Maria's daughter Coco. It is a sheer bubble gum pink that has a very difficult to capture in pictures shimmer.

This is three coats. You can see some visible nail line but it isn't overly sheer. You can see a teeny bit of the shimmer in these photos but only a tiny bit. 

It looks like I have some tip wear but it is actually shrinkage. The formula of this polish is really nice and it went on like a dream.

I actually took off my Superbowl mani and the gel mani under it last night and did this one while I was watching the end of the Superbowl. Any cuticle drag and various spots that aren't perfect were because I was watching the game rather than my nails lol. That is also why this one is a plain mani without nail art. 

I tried everything I could to get the shimmer to show but it didn't want to play. It is very pretty in person though.

I had my ring finger also break on my left hand so I am down to nubbins on my left hand. :(

OK I must run off and quiz my son who is studying for a science test.

That's all for now :)

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