Wednesday, February 13, 2013

14 Days of Valentines Day 9

Hey Everyone!!! I know, I am behind!  I am also going to fall two manis short of my 14 day challenge. I couldn't stand to take Companion Cube off after only one day and I didn't want to stamp over it so I lost a day wearing that mani longer. Another day was lost when nothing I was doing came out right and I end up giving up and going to bed before I lost it. 12 out of 14 days isn't bad though. I am actually skipping Valentine's Day this year and I am so excited about it. Df is pretty excited too because he doesn't have to worry about a gift lol I am pretty proud of myself for putting up with Valentine's Day, pinks and reds long enough to do this little 14 Days of Valentines to begin with lol.

Today I have a mani that didn't come out as awesome as I wanted but it didn't come out awful either. All my nails are nubs and I don't have a lot of free edge which of course effects how this one looks. I did a Gelish mani in Izzy Wizzy Let's Get Busy which is the base color you see.

I used Sinful Colors Sugar Sugar for the tips.

I did a little glitter gradient type thing with Sation Miss Popular. I am loving these new Sation polishes.

I think Miss Popular is a little too chunky and sparse for the gradient look but from afar it didn't look too bad.

It has some bar and bigger hex glitter in it which I like but for this look I don't think it works as well.

Close up reveals I had some cotton ball fuzz still hanging around. I wish I had noticed that before the pictures lol.

Over all this mani looked decent. I was happy to see that it didn't look too bad on short nails.

I love the Gelish base with this mani since it adds sparkle. I think a nice sheer pink would have worked too.

That's all for now :)

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