Thursday, February 21, 2013

Butler Please Stamped and Sparkled

Hey Everyone!!! I slept very little last night so I am quite sleepy right now. I made homemade ice cream tonight though so that was a highlight to an otherwise dismal day. Today I have a manicure that was soooo hard to get to photo correctly. This blue did NOT want to photo be accurately. 

I used the circle pattern on Cheeky plate CH48.

Group shot of the polishes I used. Left to Right Essie Butler Please, Essie Where's my Chauffeur and Orly Angel Eyes.

This is a great picture of Essie Butler Please. It is probably the most accurate color wise. It is a dusty cobalt awesome blue. I LOVE this polish oh so much. SO MUCH. My son got me this one and Chauffeur for Christmas. They are from the 2012 Winter Leading Lady Collection.

Where's My Chauffeur is a light turquoise blue color. I left it under the Christmas tree a little too long and destructo dog chewed the cap.

Orly Angel Eyes is from the 2012 Holiday Naughty or Nice collection. It is a gorgeous combination of small blue glitter and holo hexes. LOVE this polish too. I love all blue polish who are we kidding.

First I used two coats of Butler Please. I always want to call this polish Butter please lol

Butler Please applies really nicely and OMG the blue is gorgeous. 

I used CH48 and stamped with Where's My Chauffeur  It came out much more washed out then I was hoping but it was still a nice contrast.

On a side note I used my XL stamper very successfully this time. I had problems with it initially and hadn't used it since but figured I would give it a try last night. I must say it worked a lot better this time and I very much like it. We will see how the next try with it goes.

I used a dotting tool and covered the smaller circles with Angel Eyes. It person it is a lot more sparkly and you can really see the blue glitter. I didn't have much sun when I was taking pictures so I missed out on showing you the sparkle.

I really love this mani and all three of these colors. I almost don't want to take it of but then again if I don't I won't have a post for tomorrow.

I guess I should probably go do a new mani then huh? 

That's all for now :)


  1. I love everything about this mani! I didn't know that Butler Please is so light. Wonder if it's that similar to Baker Street as I imagined. Love the stamping and this image. I have to use this plate sometime. Now that I have so many plates I never get to use them properly. And of course I want more lol. Love Bruce!

    1. Yay!! Baker Street has been a HUGE lemming of mine since I first saw it yet I still don't have it lol. From the pictures I have seen I think Butler Please is VERY close to Baker Street but might be a touch dustier? For now I think it will keep me at bay for awhile which my wallet is happy about lol.

      I too have a ton of plates so I am trying to make myself stamp more lol. I won't even tell you how many plates out there I am dying to get. I can't wait for the new Cheeky XL plates to come out.

      Bruce sends kisses!

  2. Loving the addition of the glitter! And homemade ice cream sounds yummy! I seen those bite marks on the bottle and though...what? Then I read what happened and all I could think of was...thank goodness there was no polish catrasophe all over the floor!

    1. :) The icecream is pretty yummy but it needs some tweaking to make it perfect. That just means I need to make MORE lol

      OH YES thank goodness there was no polish spill. Bruce decided he wanted to throw a polish off the coffee table one day and it broke and splattered EVERYWHERE!! It was a bear to clean up and I am still finding little drops even though I thought I got it all. He is such a menace. It is rather difficult to get that polish open because the cap is now sharp but at least the polish is ok lol

  3. How cute! I'm going crazy for blue polishes lately!

    1. Thanks :) Yeah, I am pretty much always in MUST HAVE ALL THE BLUES mode lol I have to force myself to not use blue all the time.


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