Monday, February 11, 2013

14 Days of Valentines Days 7&8

Hey Everyone!! I decided to post these two manis together since they are a duo. I have to apologize for the state of my cuticles and nails in these photos. My right hand nails decided to break while I was wearing this mani. I tried to take pictures of them and there was no sun so the pictures didn't come out as nice as I wanted them too. I am going to take better pictures and give this duo the post that it deserves as soon as possible. I was touched to receive these polishes as a very kind gift from a very awesome person so I feel even worse that the pictures are not as nice as I wanted them to be. I will try again after Valentine's Day to do a better mani with these polishes.

For Valentine's Day two Indie polish brands joined up to create this duo. It is the Elevation Pahlish duo created by the awesome ladies behind Elevation Polish and Pahlish. This was my first experience with Elevation polish but I do have two more to show you soon.

Elevation Pahlish in Mount Carmel and Coral Pink Sand Dunes.

Mount Carmel is a gorgeous milk chocolaty base with pink and gold glass fleck shimmer in it.

I LOVE the glass fleck in this polish. It is so pretty.

The pink, gold and brown combination is stunning together.

The sun was going down so my sunlight was limited when I was taking these.

I love brown polish and this one is really pretty.

I topped it with Coral Pink Sand Dunes after wearing it for a day.

Coral Pink Sand Dunes is a gorgeous glitter topper. It is a clear base with pink and gold shimmer as well as hex glitter in brown and copper. There is also micro glitter in rose and gold and CIRCLE glitter in rose. OMG I LOVE CIRCLE GLITTER! As if that was not jam packed with glitter there are gold holo squares in there too. It is amazing!

The day that I was taking these pictures it was going to rain so I ran out and took the pictures without topcoat. I had very little sun too. It wasn't a great day for taking pictures.

I love this duo so much.

It is a great duo and I love the colors and omg that circle glitter is awesome. 

I can't wait to wear this duo again!! I also can't wait to try the other Elevation polishes I ordered! 

That's all for now :)


  1. Love round glitter! This combo is so pretty! I really envy you for all the amazing indies you have.

    1. Round glitter is my new obsession. Much like square glitter I feel like I need ALL THE ROUND!

      :) I am loving some of the indie brands out there so much. My wallet says TOO MUCH!


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