Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Girls are Out and so are the Butterflies

Hey Everyone! It appears that my computer is going to cooperate today which is good news. Once again I wore a holo today only to walk outside and see dark clouds and rainy skies. Not cute, especially since I wore flip flops today. The fact that my mani was already chipped by the time I made it to work at 10am is less aggravating since I can't take pictures of it anyway. Stupid sun. I am keeping an eye on Tropical Storm Chantal right now since she seems to want to make a South Florida visit. I guess this means I should avoid the holos for the next week. 

Today I have one of the 2013 Summer Essie polishes. Essie confuses me. I don't know if the collection is called Naughty Nautical but that is what the display says. I had a great coupon from Walgreens and they didn't have Naughty Nautical so I picked this one instead. 

Essie The Girls are Out. This one is a very pretty bright fuchsia purple with a nice shimmer.

I dressed it up with some butterflies from my ebay fimo wheel. 

I used three coats of The Girls are Out. I love the pretty shimmer that gives this polish a subtle sparkle.

I used two butterflies as an accent nail and added some flight pattern dots. For some reason I thought the mani was too plain before the butterflies.

I love how bright and fun this color is, it definitely makes me think Summer.

The little fimo butterflies matched perfectly. I was impressed that they didn't stick up too much and cause me issues.

Now I want to use all the fimos! The great thing is that if you are careful you can peel them off and put them back in the wheel for future use.

I did manage to accidentally break one. 

I took a million pictures because I loved this mani. 

That's all for now :)

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