Friday, July 5, 2013

Patriotic Mani

Hey Everyone!!! I those of you who celebrate had a Happy July 4th and those of you who didn't I hope you had a Happy Thursday :) My son came home for the day and I made another flag cake and we hung out and watched the Back to the Future marathon. It was a good day overall but then he went back to his dad's which I hated. I will have pictures of the cake and the actual 4th of July mani tomorrow since I didn't get to edit the pictures. We are fostering one of the greyhounds from the kennel and he did NOT enjoy the fireworks last night. Poor guy, he was freaking out. We also lost power in the middle of the night which was not fun and woke/kept me up for a bit. Luckily it wasn't out too long so it didn't get too hot.

This was one of my pre July 4th manis.

I saw this Wet N Wild Fergie polish in the new display a couple of weeks ago and HAD to have it. I love not only the color but the shimmer in it. It is called Cabo Cruise and I hate the brush but the color is pretty.

I also used Sinful Colors Hot Hot Heat which I believe is a core color. 

This is Hot Hot Heat by itself. I didn't decorate my thumbs. I usually don't just because I am lazy.

I used these awesome 2mm Diamond Glitter in Silver Holo from Artsyfartsy Crafts 

I did a basic tape mani with Cabo Cruise and Hot Hot Heat then placed the diamonds along the line.

I had some issues keeping the diamonds going in a straight line but I had wet nails and couldn't get my dotting tool out. I was using a wood stick to pick up and place the glitter and it wasn't being as cooperative as I would have liked.

I really love this mani though. I couldn't get the diamonds to show their awesomeness on camera but they are really cool looking and sooo shiny.

This mani reminds me of super heros for some reason. I don't know what super hero or why but it does. I kept thinking of Wonder Woman and Captain America and all the Marvel super heros. 

I love those diamonds. I lost one on my ring finger because it hung off the edge of my nail a little too much. I tried cutting it down but I didn't get it close enough I guess. The rest of them stayed put nicely.

I actually really liked Hot Hot Heat too. I am not really into reds and I am not sure how I would have felt with a whole red mani but I am loving the shade and finish on it.

That's all for now :)


  1. Very nice! I didn't realize that's what Cabo Cruise would look like on the nail--I thought it was more turquoise-y (or maybe it's the effect of the red under it?)

    1. Thanks :) It is a little darker with the red under it. I have it on now with white under it and it looks lighter but I think it is more blue than turquoise. I could be totally color blind though. I have a post lined up of just Cabo Cruise coming up. I can tell you that it does stamp so very light, basically a baby blue lol I tried using it for stamping and actually you can see how light it is when I stamp my actual 4th of July mani. It is really pretty though.


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