Monday, July 15, 2013

Take a Trek

Hey Everyone!!! How was your weekend? I finally got my hair done after hemming and hawing for months. The cut is perfect and I love it but we attempted to add some pastel green panels in there and it didn't take quite the way we wanted. As my awesome hair lady said I don't love it but I don't hate it. I played with one section yesterday and tried to add some more green to make it more vibrant and it somewhat worked but still not on par with what I want. The good news is I can either change the color to a darker color that will take better or I can go back and get it lightened even more and see if the green is more cooperative. Either way I am happy that I finally got some color in there though even my mother who is very anti crazy colored hair agrees we need MORE color! If I can get a picture of it I will post it but right now the green doesn't stand out the way I want and is not cooperating when I  try to take pictures.

So I have only one blue mani ready to post and it is one of those failed mani posts. I meant to do a blue mani but I couldn't stand the thought of taking off my Incredible Hulk mani. I will have that one for you later this week.

Today I have proof that the world knows when I wear holos and decides to dampen my plans. Literally. It pretty much rained the entire day and if it wasn't raining it was dark and cloudy.

This is China Glaze Take a Trek from the 2013 Hologlam collection. I used three coats. 

I was able to get a tiny bit of sun for these pictures but it wasn't enough to show off the full holo power. I guess I pretty much need to take what I can get.

The sun literally only lasted about 5 minutes. It was taunting me. 

I know a lot of people were disappointed in these holos because they are more scattered and a subtle holo as compared to what people wanted and expected. The polish is pretty but there are other polishes that are way more holo on the market right now.

I don't mind the more subtle, scattered holo but I did mind their price and application. I got most of this collection on clearance because I was not willing to pay the insane retail price on these especially when I can get much more holo polish for just a little bit more. My bottles have the black cap but being that I paid so little for them I don't care. I refused to pay the extra $6-8 per bottle just so I could have the silver cap. I do wish that they would keep the entire collection uniform with the same caps no matter where you buy them.

The application on this polish made me quite angry. It behaved like a holo polish that needs a special holo base coat. I had to put a thick coat and be very careful because it was very prone to dragging and clumping. Being that China Glaze never put out or mentioned a specific base coat being needed the application added to the disappointment and made me even more happy I waited to buy these. I don't hate them, not even close, but I also can't rave about them. 

As you can see I had quite a lot of chipping going on too. This mani just wasn't meant to be. I will actually wear this one again and get better pictures because it is a very nice polish despite it's flaws.

This was the sky when I was on my way home from work. How does it know when I wear holos?

My mani by the time I pulled in at home. I searched through my box of bases and found a bonding base coat that I am trying. It worked really well on my last mani so I am hoping I may have found a solution though I think it is discontinued which is of course my luck!

That's all for now :)


  1. Love this on you.
    I was also one of the few who wanted these polishes to be a bit more holo, but I don't completely dislike them. This looks good on you.

    And Ouchie that it chipped before you got home. :-(
    Hope the new base coat works well next time.

    1. Thanks :)

      I was hoping it would be more holo because I wasn't as into polish when their good holos were out so I only have one. Since I have seen what they could do I was a little disappointed that they didn't make these really holo. The one thing I do actually really like about these is they look rich and have this sort of depth to them that a really holo polish doesn't have. It may be just me looking for a silver lining but it makes me like them.

      So far the base is working better. I did get a chip last night but I was baking and washing dishes so it didn't bug me too much.

  2. I agree about the price--I ended up getting mine on Amazon because that was the cheapest I could find. I don't think China Glaze gets it--we all know they can do good holos and don't understand why they can't do it again, especially when the likes of Color Club have great holos out now.

    1. I think the Color Club holos are what really spoiled me, the price is decent (especially online lol) and they are really holoy holo. I am in love with those Color Clubs and not only did the Chg not measure up in the holo area but the application was a pain. The price point totally killed it too and had I not gotten them on clearance on clearance for super cheap I wouldn't have bought them at all.

  3. I only have one polish from this collection and I agree about the formula. It has the worst application from all the holos I have. And it really needs a lot of sun for the holo effect to be visible. Such a shame!
    Yay for green hair! I would love to see some pictures.

    1. Yes they are picky little holos. I think China Glaze dropped the ball a little on that collection which is a shame.

      I will try and get some pictures of the hair after I add some more green to it this weekend. It isn't as obvious and noticeable as I want it to be but it is still kinda cool.

  4. I'm so curious about your hair :) Can't wait to see the green parts in it :) xx


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