Friday, July 12, 2013

Pop Art Purple Fail

Hey Everyone!!! I have been having so many issues with manis lately. I have no idea what is going on but between my base coat woes and uncooperative polishes I keep having epic fails. On top of those issues my camera can't hang with some of these polishes. This has just not been a good nail week. At least it makes for some funny stories. Last night I had a brilliant idea for a mani with striping tape but the colors yellow and orange. Aside from an issue with tape taking off most of the polish I realized that my brilliant idea looked way too candy corn like and was an awful idea. My second mani attempt wasn't much better but it was too late to go for a third attempt. That is just the kind of week I am having.

Today I have for you a very pretty neon purple from Finger Paints. The epic fail in this mani is that not a single picture out of the million I took is color accurate. NOT ONE! So frustrating. 

Finger Paints Pop Art Purple. The bottle picture is the most color accurate but it is still a darker shade in person. It is bright and the finish is dull like most neons before top coat. I can't believe I could not get a single picture to be color accurate.

In the sun my camera freaked out. Not only did it photograph pink like the picture above but some of the pictures actually make it look like the polish is a different color around the edges. Such a frustrating color to take pictures of especially in the sun.

This is three coats and you can see the lovely chips that I had already acquired less than 24 hours into the mani. I had actually worn this polish stamped with Essie The Girls are Out for court last month. That was also an epic fail as The Girls are Out was not a good stamping polish and unless you examined the mani closely you couldn't even tell there was stamping. It was also chipped beyond belief by the time I got out of court so I didn't get pictures of that one. I am thinking this polish just doesn't like me.

I'm reluctant  to actually post this mani knowing that it isn't at all color accurate. The polish is shiny as heck and really pretty so I do recommend getting it if you come across it. If you figure out a way to take color accurate pictures of it please let me know :)

I'm super excited that my son comes home tonight. I am also getting my hair done tomorrow and hopefully making a nail supply place run with a friend on Sunday. I hope everyone has a great Friday :)

That's all for now :)


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