Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Red Bubbles

Hey Everyone!! Oy, this was supposed to post yesterday but apparently that never happened. Oops. Sorry about that.

Well, yesterday at work I finally got a new computer. The good news is that it is faster and better but the bad news is that a lot of my stuff and settings didn't transfer over. It was a long day of trying to figure out what I had and what I didn't. I then realized that when I pull up blogger at work the pictures look short and fat compared to what they should look like. I posted from home last night because I was so confused and didn't know if I did something to the pictures or if it was this computer. My Jade bottle in the picture below looks incredibly weird but I think it looks normal on all other computers so I am just going to post from here. If it looks funky let me know and I will try and figure out what is going on. 

I figured I had to show this mani now, before football season, because it reminds me of Florida State colors and I can NOT wear FSU colors. It really drove me nuts the entire time I wore it because it reminded me of FSU and mildly of the Washington Redskins. I also happened to wear this for the final game of the NBA Championship and it rather pissed me off because the Heat won and I had red in my nails. Yes, I am THAT weird about sports.

I started off with Jade Holografico in Mystic Gold. I bought this from Brazil but it can be purchased from Llarowe as well.

I used Pueen plate Pueen36 for the stamping design. This plate is from the Pueen 24-E Love Elements set

I used Sinful Colors Georgio for the stamping.

Jade holo polishes are some of my favorite holo polishes. Super easy to use with no need for a special basecoat. I used my regular top coat and they are still very holo.

My only complaints about the Jade holos is that they aren't more readily available and the bottles are only 8ml. I know that I have never used a whole bottle of polish and 8ml is still pretty decent but I am always afraid I will use it all and run out.

Georgio stamped very well and came out much more red than it looks in the bottle. It was a pleasant surprise because it ended up being the exact shade I wanted.

My pictures didn't even capture all the holo that this polish shows.

I absolutely love this stamping pattern and can think of so many different ways to use it. I am really loving the Pueen stamping plates and of course now want the other set as well.

I really hope these pictures don't look as weird on everyone else's computer as they do on mine.

I may have taken way too many pictures of this mani.

It was actually sunny enough for me to take pictures which I appreciate. The last two holo manis I wore didn't fare so well. One I have to redo because it poured and I was only able to get one picture of the polish in the sun and the other one I wore an extra day even with a chip because I needed some pictures with some sunlight. The sun seems to know when I wear a holo and does it's best to hide those days.

I just realized that I love this mani and it uses two colors that I very rarely wear. Maybe I should give these colors more attention.

That's all for now :)


  1. I keep telling myself that I need some of these Jade holos. This one is gorgeous! It would probably look horrible on my skin tone so I would get the blue and black ones instead.
    About your computer, maybe the resolution is wrong? My guess is that it's more wide than it should be.

    1. You DO need the Jade holos. I love them. The bottles are smaller than I would like but they are soo holo and easy to work with. I didn't think it would look good on me either, I don't do gold, but it is so holo I didn't care lol.

      Hmmm, I will check that, once I figure out how to lol I had it all set up right when I got the new monitor but then my boss changed out my computer and it went weird again.

  2. oooh this is awesome! Love the stamping!

  3. That looks like a great plate, and the color combo you used is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks :) Yes, I love all the images on that plate! Between all the hearts and bubbly circle images I love that Pueen set oh so much.


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