Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Copper Roses for Veruschka

Hey Everyone!! It is a tired Tuesday and the fact that it has been a stormy morning isn't helping me wake up. I have to run an errand tonight before we have to be at a going away dinner and I have no idea how we are going to have time to do it all. On top of that my car is back in the shop and making logistics and transportation even more frustrating. The errand may fall through before tonight anyway so we will see. I am already ready for Friday and it is just barely Tuesday. I stayed up way too late the past two nights and now I am paying for it. Is it sad that way too late for me is midnight and 1am? I have been waiting to show you today's mani for about a week. I had other things lined up to show you first but this one I really really liked.

For this mani I wanted to do something a little different so I stamped over my nail with no base color. I added a funky french tip in the same color as the stamping and a 3D flower. This is what I used:

Zoya Veruschka from the MatteVelvet 2009 Winter Collection.

PUEEN33 from the 24E Love Elements set.

BornPrettyStore 3D Nail Art Sticker Sweet Color Flower Nail Decoration or in my terms super cute metal flower in copper.

Veruschka is a matte polish but I had to put a top coat over it. I LOVE how it looks with the top coat possibly more than I love how it looks matte. I started by stamping over a base coat. 

I am in love with the metal rose. IN LOVE! I love coppery bronze colored things and to me this rose looks vintage and like something that came off the oil lamp my grandparents had when I was a kid. 

I am not usually one to put things that stick off that much on my nail mainly because I doubt their ability to last very long. I tried securing this to my nail with just top coat and that lasted about 2 seconds. I actually don't even think the top coat dried. THEN I tried Elmer's Glue because I was very much not wanting to use nail glue. Elmer's Glue lasted about 1.8 seconds and definitely wasn't dry. 

I had to suck it up and use the nail glue if I was going to keep these roses on my nail. I will say the nail glue dried really quickly which already made it a better option. I had each rose fall off one time. The left one fell off when I was holding some shopping bags and it got caught on the bag. I was in the front yard waiting for the door to be unlocked and luckily was able to find it and glue it back on. The one on my right hand fell off when I was rummaging through my purse. I glued that one back on and didn't have a problem after that.

I decided to see if I could keep these on over night but I knew it would get caught on something and be ripped off. I decided to use band aids to cover the roses so they couldn't get caught and they stayed on through the whole night and my shower the next morning. I wore them for most of the next day until the other nails started chipping and I just took the mani off.

Through no fault of the rose when I glued them on the second time it ended up gluing pretty much straight to  the nail so removal left my nail a little messed up. I used a cotton ball soaked in acetone and put it near the base of the rose to soften up the glue. I am not sure if it was the glue or trying to scrape it off with acetone but the bottom of the rose has a couple tiny spots where the color was removed but the rest of the rose is perfect and ready to be used again.

I am going to be buying more of these little roses because I absolutely love them. They would be great for a special event where you are going to wear them for a short amount of time and not do day to day things like digging through your purse. I am not very careful though and mine managed to stay on pretty well for a day and a half. I would have probably tried to see how long I could keep them on had the rest of the mani not chipped.

You can get these cute 3D flowers in a variety of colors from BornPrettyStore. You can use my discount code found on the sidebar for 10% off. 

That's all for now :)

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