Monday, July 8, 2013

Hypnose Stars

Hey Everyone!!! It is Monday, a day which I usually don't enjoy much. The awesome Mihaela over at Lacquer Buzz has finally convinced me to join the Monday Blues. I figure since I don't like Mondays much anyway this would be a fun way to celebrate when Monday morning rolls around. I also LOVE blue and have tons of blue polishes which helped convince me. I am apparently under attack this lovely Monday morning. I have already seen one very large, two semi large and a very small waterbug type creature running around on my desk. I really HATE when they take over my desk like they own it. They seem immune to the bug spray we use too. I feel icky now. 

Today I have another one of the awesome Jade Holografico polishes for you. I think Hypnose is one of the ones that really convinced me that I needed the Jade holos. I love the color and it is so very holo.

I used PUEEN44 from the Pueen Love Elements set for the star stamping. I stamped with Sinful Colors white striping polish.

I got a small chip in my index finger before I was able to get the sun to come out so I could take pictures. I have decided I give up on the treatment as a base coat. It causes too many chips far too fast for my liking.

I did this mani as a pre July 4th festive mani. I love the stars. I have tons of ideas for using that design again.

I used three coats of Hypnose. I have taken up using three coats for most polishes so I can make sure that the pictures come out good. I could have probably gotten away with just two coats though.

As usual I didn't get pictures of the awesome holo rainbows. The sun and I do not get along when I wear holos. As you can see it was bright out in the photos but the sun wasn't actually fully out. I have no idea how the sun knows when I have holos on but it sure does know to hide itself.

I am apparently in a holo phase right now. I keep reaching for my holos when I am looking for the next polish to wear. 

That's all for now :)


  1. This is so cute!! I love it!

  2. Welcome to Monday Blues! I'm so glad you finally joined us! You own some amazing blues so it's perfect.
    Speaking of which, Hypnose is gorgeous! This one is one of the Jade holos that I absolutely need. And the stars are beautiful too. I love star stamps! More holos, please!

    1. Thank you :) YAY I am officially doing it!!! Hypnose is awesome, you definitely need it :) I am such an enabler. If I get some good sun I will wear some more holos :)


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