Saturday, July 6, 2013

July 4th Festive

Hey Everyone!! I finally have my July 4th mani ready for posting and I figured I wasn't doing anything else exciting so I mind as well get it up for ya. I actually really loved the flag mani this year and was pretty decently satisfied with the other hand. I was way too tired to finish the other hand in flags so I decided to just  do some festive red, white and blue designs.

I used Sinful Colors Hot Hot Heat, Snow me White and Wet N Wild Cabo Cruise.

Cabo Cruise is over white for the flag mani. I used a base of Snow me White and then striping tape to do the red stripes.

For my other hand I used the same polishes. I used Artsyfartsy Crafts glitter squares for the index finger flag. I placed them on the nail with a dotting tool.

I used my new Cheeky Jumbo plate Wild at Heart for the middle finger. Cabo Cruise stamped very very lightly which surprised me a bit.

For the ring finger I used some craft glitter in blue, red and white though you can't see the white at all. I used my July 4th franken for my pinkie. None of the stars decided to come out and play on that nail but they were on my thumbs which matched my pinkie. I didn't take a picture of them sadly.

I was really excited about the way it came out this year.

We didn't really do much else for the 4th but cook and eat. I didn't even see fireworks and it did rain for awhile. I enjoyed the day though.

I made another flag cake for my son since he missed out on the first one so I have pictures of that for you.

Plain white on the outside but on the party is on the inside of this huge cake.

An American flag!!! It still didn't come out perfect and I don't think I will be making this one again but it was pretty cool.

It was also really yummy.

Bruce was sitting at the table waiting for his piece of cake.

That's all for now :)

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