Friday, August 2, 2013

Silver Lining

Hey Everyone!! I got off of work early today since it has been slow. It isn't good that it is slow but honestly I wasn't gonna argue too much about leaving early. The summer is slowing down and I need a vacation that I am not going to get. Hopefully it picks up because I don't want my hours cut! Especially since I need to get a new car now. 

Today I have one of my cheapy, affordable polishes to show you. Kleancolor is a great brand that sells pretty affordable polishes. I have seen them priced locally from $ .99-1.99. They tend to stink like the polishes of old before everything was changed over to 3, 4 and 5Free. The smell doesn't bother me and I love the price so I have several of these bad boys.

This one is called Silver Lining and is a clear based polish with a ton of micro glitter in silver and larger purple glitter. The purple likes to hang out on the bottom of the bottle but shaking it made them swim again.

I used three coats over my lovely stained nails. Instead of looking silver it looked more of a champagne color which was rather perplexing.

Even more perplexing was my middle finger nail that decided to break. Since this picture my index nail broke too. Luckily it was on the same hand so I just filed them all down to nubbs. 

Some nails got more purple glitter than others but it was pretty easy to get the glitter out. This would probably look best as a layering polish over another color.

I had randomly picked this one out of the polish box I have sitting on my table. I am halfway through the great organization project and figured picking a random one would switch things up. 

I should have picked another random one to go underneath it but didn't actually think of that at the time. Duh.

I hope everyone has a great weekend :)

That's all for now :)


  1. What a pretty polish! It looks awesome; not at all like a $1.99 brand!

    1. They are pretty good polishes for a great price which makes my wallet happy. I am pretty surprised by how good they are.

  2. I quite like this by itself, with the random purple glitters popping out.

    1. If my nails were not so stained I think I would like it this way a lot more.


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