Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Bows and Dots

Hey Everyone!! It's Hump Day WOO WOO. Have you all seen that commercial with the camel? If you haven't I am sure that doesn't make as much sense to you. I love that commercial, when the camel does his WOO WOO thing I always crack up. I tried researching cars this morning. I am already stressed out over it. Too much information, too many choices, too many decisions for me to handle. I really just want an affordable car that is going to last and not give me issues. Speaking of issues I am having an eye issue today. In my utter brilliance I wanted to try a new Jordana eyeliner and eyeshadow stick I bought and decided that since my eye was feeling better today I would go for it. I used eye rinse on it yesterday and hadn't had a problem at all today. Well, after application of eye shadow and liner my left eye decided to start having a fit. Then my right eye felt like something got in it as well. I tried to deal with it but it wasn't going away so I used some hand soap to wash off the makeup and rinsed my eye with water then put some drops in it. It is feeling a little better now but not like it was before my idiotic move. I really hope that it isn't the makeup, I just bought it and wanted to start wearing eye makeup again. I guess we will see.

Today I have a cute mani I did with two of the new Wet N Wild polishes and some cute bows from the Born Pretty Store.

I had recently bought these bows to try out. They come in a bag of 10 and were .99 when I purchased them. I loved the color and the price was great.

Born Pretty Store calls these Cute Candy Colors Bowknot Resin 3D Nail Art Stickers which is a mouth full so I just call them cute candy bows. They look very cartoon like to me which I love.

I used Wet N Wild Shine nail color from the new Pop Art Craze Collection that was recently released. The green one is called Stand the Test of Lime and the blue one is named Teal Slowly and See. These colors are both bright and fun and hard to capture on camera, especially the green. 

I started with three coats of Stand the Test of Lime. I forgot that Wet N Wild puts skinny brushes in these polishes. I much prefer the skinny brushes to the huge, unruly mops the other lines have. Coverage was great and the polish applied very nicely. 

I used Teal Slowly and See because it matched the bow nicely. I used a dotting tool to make dots to tie the bow to the mani better. I really love the color combination and how nicely the bow matched the polish.

When I first took the bows out of the package their size scared me. They are pretty large. I was afraid that they would get caught on everything and would be too big. I was pleasantly surprised that they didn't bother me at all once I got them on the nail. I believe their shape helps them not get caught. I didn't have a single issue with them getting caught on anything.

I used nail glue to adhere them to my nails. I knew nothing else was going to be strong enough to hold them on. I wore them for two days both slept and showered with no problem. The bows held up so well and looked so cute.

They are large bows, especially for my smaller nails, but I didn't think they were too big. I was surprised at how I almost forgot they were on a few times. I looked at my nails a whole lot when I wore this mani because it was so cute and I loved the colors but if I wasn't looking I could have forgotten the bows were there. They are so easy to wear.

My camera could not handle the colors very well, especially in the office. 

I really want the green and light blue bows now. I thought of a really cute Minnie Mouse design that would look great with these bows if they had them in red. You can find these bows at BornPrettyStore and can use the code JLG10 for 10% off non sale items. 

That's all for now :)


  1. The bow didn't catch on stuff?? It didn't bother you? I'm amazed.

    1. I think it caught on my hair once but I didn't mention it because I was doing something stupid to it to begin with lol I had no problems showering and washing my hair with them. In normal situations it actually didn't bother me or catch on things. I didn't dig through my purse though, I learned not to do that after the roses. I was quite amazed I liked the bows honestly, I was sure they were going to be too big and catch on everything.


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