Friday, August 9, 2013

For the Twill of It

Hey Everyone! Well we took the first step towards getting a car last night. We actually just went and looked at some but it was a step. I generally hate the car buying process and the stress but it was a lot better than I was anticipating which helped. There are way too many decisions to make and I am so indecisive the situation just gets overwhelming. I figure I better get this post up now or else it is going to be put on the back burner when I have to do more car browsing tonight. 

Today I have one of the 2013 Fall Essie polishes for you. When I went to the supply store last time they had both the Essie and OPI collection for Fall. I went there specifically for Essie For the Twill of It but then realized that it looked like an exact dupe for OPI Peace & Love & OPI from their San Francisco collection. I was discussing it with the shop owner and we took the display swatches of each and put them side by side and they look dead on to both of us. The bottles look the same as well. I can't say 100% for sure they are dupes because I only purchased For the Twill of It. I am however confident in saying that you don't need both. If they aren't the same they are very very close. I had quite the debate over which one to buy because I am completely indecisive. As a side note the darker blue polish from both collections also looked almost exactly the same on both the swatches and in the bottles. Such a bummer. I believe The PolishAholic is going to do a comparison post on the two polishes in the near future. Today she has the entire Essie Fall Collection on her blog. Look out for the comparison post if you want to see how close the two colors actually are on the nail.

Please excuse the weird tips in some of these pictures. My nails were so weak and bendy at the tips that while I was making some origami lucky stars they actually bent and formed a ridge, especially my middle finger. I have since filed them all off because shortly after they decided to break.

For the Twill of It is a very pretty duochrome that shifts from a dark gray to teal like green to purple. 

The formula on this one was great. I actually anticipated it being thin and runny so I alternated black polish on my nails in case I needed several coats. Can you tell which nails have the black base? No one I asked could see a difference at all.

The formula was great. I was so impressed. Part of my big debate between buying this one and the OPI was that Essie and I don't always get along. I favor the OPI formula and as I stated I pretty much figured the Essie was going to have a runny, thin formula. I was so wrong and I am so happy that I was. I could have use two coats on the bare nail and had perfect coverage. I used three coats as usual just to make sure the pictures were good. 

I loved the green color this shifted too so much. It is actually a really cool polish. I was a little worried because the promo pictures are so awesome I thought there was no way the polish could live up to that but it is really nice. 

I took a ton of pictures to try and show you all the changes this polish makes.

It is a lot easier to see the shift in person than it is to capture on camera.

This was the only polish from the Fall collection I picked up and it is definitely a winner. 

In the sunlight the gray is so pretty with the purple shift.

Since we are talking dupes today I wanted to show you a recent Sinful Colors dupe I found. I don't even think I should say dupe because this is just a blatant rename and get people to think it is new tactic. I had seen mention that the "new" Rain Song might be a dupe for Bali Mist but it is actually not as Bali Mist is more pink. It is however dead on for Let Me Go.

I just recently bought Let Me Go because I didn't have it and it caught my eye one day. I was on the lookout for the "new" colors when I stumbled upon this. 

Not cute Sinful Colors, not cute.

That's all for now :)


  1. I had both the OPI and Essie in my hands and went with the Essie since it looked slightly more duochromatic in the bottle. You are right, the formula is great! Great color shifts too.

    Sinful should not be renaming their polishes, I had bought Let me go and then got Rain Song, and then was like "hey wait a second!"

    1. I love the Essie! It really did exceed my expectations and I am glad I went with it over the OPI. It is a really cool polish.

      OH NO!! That is not cute. I was thinking there was at least one other color that looked like an older color but I couldn't put my finger on it. I really wish they wouldn't do that.

  2. In an Essie v. OPI battle, I pick the Essie every time--love those square bottles.

    1. Hmmm that is interesting. I think I lean toward OPI. I think it might be because that was THE high end brand for me when I was getting started. I have also been disappointed with some Essie polishes that I have not forgiven lol I do like the square bottles though.


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