Thursday, August 29, 2013

Black Polka Dotted Limoncello

Hey Everyone!!! I am one of the most clumsy people ever. I just moved a huge stack of papers off the copy machine into the box the finished copies go into. In the process I managed to swipe the big stack across my top lip. It feels like at least one paper cut if not several small ones. That is talent. Not a talent I necessarily want though. The dentist went pretty good yesterday. The tooth is not infected or in need of major repair. A little tiny piece came off the side of it and she thinks that may have caused the sensitivity and pain, possibly. There is now some bonder on there which will hopefully protect and seal the tooth and keep it hanging on for as long as possible. I have to be really diligent about wearing my night guard though. I tend to forget. I feel like a football player or something when I put this stupid thing in my mouth. It isn't my favorite but it is far better than the root canal.

Today I have an awesome mani to show you. I absolutely LOVE this color and want to paint all the things with it. It reminds me of those little kiddie motorcycle/car rides they have at carnivals. It seriously makes me think of the carnival when I was a kid. It is also sparkly and pretty and I need a guitar in that color because it would be awesome.

This picture makes the bottle more neon than it really is in person. It is a less neon more of a soft lime green yellow in person in the bottle but it didn't play nice in pictures. I used Nubar Black Polka Dot and Layla Softouch Effect 06 Limoncello. I got the Layla on clearance at Ulta on a whim and I am so glad I did.

The Layla Softouch Effects polishes have a distinct finish that is neither completely matte or completely suede. They are a non shiny finish that looks soft if that makes sense. It is an interesting effect and I enjoyed it for the 2.5 seconds that it stayed that way.

These first shots are sun shots, obviously, because I wanted to catch the insane sparkle for you. I had picked this polish out with the intention of using Black Polka Dot on top from the get go. I didn't think about it at first but obviously if you put a glitter topper over a matte it will no longer be matte. Duh. I also didn't think to take pictures of the polish before I altered the intended finish. Another duh. 

Once I put the first coat of Black Polka Dot on I totally lost all focus and fell in love with Limoncello. It transformed the polish from a soft pretty color to a sparkling bright wow color. I couldn't catch the sparkle on camera no matter how much I tried but this baby sparkles!

I actually kept this mani on for three days that is how much I loved it. I used three coats of Limoncello which still left a bit of visible nail line. The polish is on the sheer side but it is gorgeous so it is ok. I topped it with one coat of Black Polka Dot and then top coat. 

Black Polka Dot is a great black glitter. I jumped on the Polka Dot set from Nubar when it came out because it was that awesome. I love black and white glitter. The only thing that could make this one better is if it was round glitter to truly make it a Polka Dot.

A nice close up shot for you. You can see a little bit of the sparkle in Limoncello and the fun Black Polka Dots.

Every polish I have tried from Layla has knocked my socks off. I really like this brand. I pretty much want to stalk all of the Ultas and try to get as many of these as possible. I bought this awhile back so I am thinking they won't be easy to find now though. 

I am going to have to do a mani for you guys without adding a top coat so you can see what the polish is supposed to look like. I really don't know if I can resist making it this sparkling awesomeness though. 

That's all for now :)


  1. I loooooove this combo! That Layla is just gorgeous, I have no idea how I still do not own any Laylas.

    1. Thanks :) Wow, you don't own any? I actually really like their stuff and I especially love this particular polish. The holos are finicky but their other polishes I have been quite happy with, well the few that I have.


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