Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Turtlechick Original

Hey Everyone!!! We bought a car!!! I am so excited! We went looking Sunday evening and even though we walked on the lot and said we are NOT buying a car today somehow we ended up leaving with a car. Last night we had to go back to get it detailed and prepped because they didn't have time Sunday. It is a very cute Kia Soul and the color is called Alien. C says it is completely me and even the sales guy said the color is definitely me so I guess it is perfect for me. We are loving it and so excited to have a new car. I am not going to be as excited about the car payments and insurance rates but I love the car. Tonight we go to freshman orientation. I can't believe my baby starts high school next week. I don't like it. Not at all.

So since I am going to have a car payment now and such I am going to be on a strict budget. The good news is I have tons of polish to keep me busy but the bad news is I won't be buying very many new polishes. I think shopping my stash is going to be a great way to get through my untrieds and discover some forgotten friends. It should be fun.

Five months ago today my good friend had her first child. Miss Reilly is adorable and was the inspiration for the franken that I made which I used for this mani. I actually made Reilly's mommy a bottle too which I need to get in the mail. I call the franken Reilly's Dream.

I used three colors for the final mani. Sinful Colors Let Me Go, Cupid's Arrow and Reilly's Dream. 

I apologize for these pictures. For some reason they were not coming out very good and I didn't realize it until after I took the mani off. The base was Cupid's Arrow.

Cupid's Arrow is a really light lavender type purple. It is pretty sheer as I still had visible nail line showing but it is delicate and pretty. 

On my right hand I put Reilly's Dream over Cupid's Arrow. I am not sure how many coats I used, I think it was two. I had to fish some of the shapes out because they are non cooperative. I haven't made too many frankens so I am not sure if it is just the glitter or what. It isn't too hard to get them out.

The base is a little thick to keep all that glitter suspended or mostly suspended at least. I do love all the glitter in it though. It has stars and hearts in pastel colors and a ton of little glitter. It has iridescent glitter and squares and shards and who knows what else is in there. Most of the glitter came from a glitter mix I bought then I added some stuff to spice it up more.

On my left hand I did a base of Cupid's Arrow then topped it with Let Me Go. I happened to be surfing Walgreens looking for new colors when I found this one. It isn't new but I didn't have it and it looked interesting so it came to live with me.

Let Me Go added a really pretty effect to Cupid's Arrow and I loved the two together. I am not sure how Let Me Go will do by itself but it definitely added a nice touch to Cupid's Arrow.

I then used Reilly's Dream over top. Let Me Go adds a nice shimmery effect under Reilly's Dream and gives it a slightly different look.

This mani was quite pretty and soft and perfect to celebrate Miss Reilly. 

I posted this on Facebook but just in case you don't follow over there I found Let Me Go to be an exact dupe for the "new" Sinful Colors Rain Song. I had been seeing chatter on the web that Rain Song might be a dupe for Bali Mist but Bali Mist is more pink. As you can see by the bottle shot these two are identical.

For shame Sinful Colors, for shame! I really don't agree with renaming polishes and trying to introduce them as a new polish. Many of us collect polishes and this is just not cute.

That's all for now :)


  1. Congrats on your new set of wheel!

  2. I love your franken! I think some glitters are just noncooperative no matter what base you put them in.

    1. Thank you :) That makes me feel better. I was fighting with that glitter so much at times but I was using almost 100% suspension base so I don't think there is much more I can actually do.

  3. Your franken is very pretty! I haven't frankened yet because I fear it will be a disaster but I had plans once. Congrats on the new car!

    1. Thank you and thank you :)

      I don't franken often just because it is a gateway to spending more money and having more stuff around. Also I think that most things I would attempt would not come out the way I wanted them to and it wouldn't go well. I do have some glitters and supplies because I had a grand idea of things I wanted to try. I am really trying to keep it to a minimum though lol


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