Monday, August 26, 2013

Inseparable Forces

Hey Everyone! I stopped using Photobucket because it was being quite a brat and today I have had nothing but troubles from Blogger. Oy. I am going to be speedy with this one before it starts messing with me again. I have twice had it shut down Opera while I was trying to move pictures around and it kept freezing up on Internet Explorer too. The internet does not love me today. 

I am happily back to doing Monday Blues though! This is exciting and I am going to try my best to be able to actually keep up with it.

Today I have for you Magnetic Lacquer from the Gelish Magneto collection. These were released sometime last year. Gelish made a line of gel polishes that were magnetic as well as matching magnetic regular polishes. I believe they were sold as a set mostly however I had only ever seen the gel polishes in store. This is one of the regular, non gel, polishes.

Inseparable Forces. I used two coats of this polish using the magnet on the second coat. This one had a diamond patterned magnet.

I wanted to try stamping over the magnetic mani after I saw a really nice mani on a blog somewhere. Mine didn't come out as cool as the one I saw. I used Gals plate GA12 from the Princess collection.

I like the color of Inseparable Forces, it is a denim blue type color. It was not a one coater as some of the magnetic polishes are but the formula was good. 

You can see it has a slight purple cast to it when it is magnetized. It is a really pretty color. I wonder if you can see the purple if you don't use the magnet...I didn't notice it.

The magnet is a typical flat magnet with a little ridge for you to rest on your finger. The problem with the flat magnet is that nails are curved and the sides do not get the magnet effect unless you sort of roll the magnet so it can reach the sides. Not only does this make things more complicated but it gives you much more of a chance to touch the magnet to the nail which I did several times.

The stamping went very well and I liked the open design. I did not like my top coat smearing my design though. I really don't like when my stamping gets smeared like that. 

I was disappointed that my magnet design didn't show up better. Overall this mani didn't come out as great as I had envisioned but it wasn't too bad.

You can see the purple well in this close up. It is really very pretty and was very unexpected.

I have a few more of these Gelish Magnetic Lacquers that I am going to have to try out soon. 

I apparently took a ton of pictures for this mani.

That's all for now :)


  1. Welcome back!
    I love magnetic polish and I'm glad you posted this because it seems people have completely forgotten about it. I have the same problem with the flat magnets. My nails are very curved and I can't get the design on the sides. The only curved magnet I have is from Flormar and they only have the boring diagonal design. Oh and the stamping looks very cool!

    1. Thank you Thank you :)

      Yes, magnetics have been forgotten with all the new stuff out. Crackle I am ok with forgetting but magnetics are cool!! lol I was actually thinking of doing a crackle mani soon. I wish they would make the magnets more curved because I think most people have curved nails. Mine aren't extremely curved but enough that the flat magnets miss the sides.


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