Thursday, October 13, 2011

Small Haul and GREAT Pumpkin Package

Hey Everyone!!!! I don't have a mani for you tonight but I have some pictures for you. It has been a long day. Work was better but I didn't want to be there at all and I wasn't having the best day. The bf and my dad took 12 dogs upstate today. They aren't home yet though they should be any minute. I am going to make this quick seeing as it is almost 11:30 and he should be home any minute and I doubt it would be nice to tell him to wait a few minutes after I haven't seen him since 5am.

I ordered a few decals from LuckyStarStyle last week and they were delivered this week. I had to get some seasonal stuff. I am totally obsessed with decals now. 

This was part of the haul. Can I just say one of my favorite movies is Dawn of the Dead which is on right now. This chick Ana lost her husband when the crazy looking kid ate him and I know it is one of those must survive situations but she is getting rather chummy with this guy awfully quickly after losing her husband. It actually is pretty bothersome. Sorry, I digress. 

I got some fall leaves because I love fall and leaves and fall.

I got Snoopy playing a Sax because that is the instrument my son plays. I am just waiting on my stamping plate with the sheet music design so I can do a music mani with these.

Snoopy as a Scarecrow. Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE Snoopy?

Devil hearts for lack of a better description. I love this design and actually saw a really cute necklace that is similar that I would love to get.

AND Skeletons for Halloween! 

I was totally excited and it totally brightened my day to get a package today. I was quite confused because I wasn't sure what I was expecting in the mail until I turned the package over. I participated in The Great Pumpkin (similar to a Secret Santa) on the nail forum and I knew this was from my Great Pumpkin when I saw the Jack O Lantern face on the back of the package.

Look how cute the box was.

I was so excited when I opened it. I immediately read the card. I had the most amazing Great Pumpkin and I can't thank her enough. This totally brightened my day.

How cute is this? I can't wait to put it on my Halloween soap and it glows in the dark!

Love pumpkin stuff! I was actually looking at this today online thinking of ordering some.

 So awesome. I love OPI Glitter! This is such a pretty polish.

Such a pretty color. I don't know this brand so that is even more exciting.

I have had my eye on this one now it is MINE!!! LOVE!

This is really pretty too, I can't wait to see what it looks like on :)

Another brand I don't have. Another gorgeous color. So excited.

I am so excited and so thankful for my Great Pumpkin and her awesome package. This was really fun, I have to send out my package for my person and I hope she likes it as much as I liked mine.

Wouldn't you know the bf just got home too lol. Timed PERFECTLY! 

That's all for now :)

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