Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Crush and Skulls

Hey Everyone!!! I had such a bad day today. I didn't sleep well last night at all after the bf found a dying but still alive tick. We bombed the house to get rid of the buggers and had the dogs bathed and treated but that one stupid tick kept me up all night. I kept thinking things were crawling on me. That and Mr. Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior had been on the window and moved the curtain so every time I rolled over to face the window there was a sliver of light in my face. I prefer the dark and definitely prefer light not being in my face so it was a long night. Today I had an awful day at work too and now I just watched Detroit lose ANOTHER game in extra innings. Is it Friday yet? I reallllly reallllly can't wait for Friday.

Today I have my Skull mani for you.

I used two coats of Jesse's Girl Crush. 

You can't see it but I stamped the dripping blood behind the skulls. They don't glow and you can't see them so basically it was pointless. I used the Fantasy Makers Glow in the Dark for that and Jesse's Girl Blackout for the skulls.

I used my Konad M13 plate again. I love this plate! 

I had some issues with the stamping but that was totally user error. I don't know what my issue was but it was like I was having an issue rolling the stamp to transfer all of the head. It only happened on my smaller fingers too. It was just one of those days.

The bf couldn't tell they were skulls the first time I showed him. Ummm? ok. My brother loved them though. I thought they were pretty cute myself lol.

I thought about doing a glow in the dark skull stamp behind the black one but I am glad I didn't since the blood drips aren't visible. 

Over all it was a moderate success. I have another skull mani idea so I will try again and hopefully all my skulls will come out.

My brother brought home this box for Mr. Bruce. It is filled with paper and he enjoys hiding in there. It was quite funny when my brother buried him in paper then stuck his head closer to the box to look for Bruce only to have him jump at his face. It was quite humorous. 

That's all for now :)


  1. They look like Simpsons skulls. That is an AWESOME cat toy!

  2. YOU ARE RIGHT!!! I was trying to figure out what they reminded me of and that is it!

    It was funny when my brother was walking up to the house I was coming down the street and it looked like he was wearing the box the way he was holding it. It is great, Bruce is loving it.

  3. That is quite an impressive cat toy!

  4. Lol Yes it is and he LOVES it. Strange little cat that he is. Unfortunately it is really big and I think it has to leave soon :(


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