Monday, October 24, 2011

Awesome Package and Another Halloween Mani

Hey Everyone!!!! I have lots to show you today. It has been an exciting Monday! 

Today I got home from work and had a package waiting for me. For me?! YES for meeeee. It was an awesome early birthday present!!!!

The amazing and wonderful Denise sent me a package.

She made this GORGEOUS pendant. I love it and can't wait to wear it, I must make a chain to wear it on. I was thinking a ribbon with some beads but I am not sure yet.

This GORGEOUS ring which is insanely pretty. I love it!

Annnnnd birthday YUMMIES!!!! OMG soooo good, soooo yummy. I am not sharing!!!

THANK YOU DENISE!!!! This was so very sweet and thoughtful of you and I want to fly out there RIGHT NOW and hug you!!! Maybe chase the rooster around with the broom too just for fun lol. 

I have met so many awesome, wonderful, sweet people through blogging and the nail polish community and I love you all and am so grateful for you all :)

I ALSO have a mani to show you today. It is not as exciting as my package though. Umm, that just doesn't sound right. ANYWAY!

For this mani I used two of my pumpkins. I used Burt (the Glow in the Dark orange polish) as the base. I only used two coats for this mani. I used Ronald (the chunky orange glitter) on top. I used just one coat of Ronald. It was a bit thick but there was a lot of glitter in that one coat. It was getting a bit difficult when all the glitter wanted to group together but I spread it out with the brush.

Now comes the disaster part. BM13. I got this plate with my Shany plates order off of Amazon long ago. I never used this plate because Halloween hadn't come up yet. WELL let me just say it is a pain in the butt! The  spiderwebs do not transfer. If I am lucky I can get a portion of the web but it is a small portion. The spiders look like ticks. Not cool.

I did alternating nails with spiders, the witch and bats.

The bats were ok but the other designs gave me issues. I really didn't want ticks on my nails. 

I used Sinful Colors Nail Art stripers for the black images. I hated this mani but it did glow in the dark.

I also wanted to show you my insanity. I had ALL of these polishes in the bag I carry to work.

Some of them (the first four) and one of the two not pictured are for friends. My bag was pretty heavy too. I can't imagine why. :/ 

That's all for now :)

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