Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Electric Jack O Lanterns

Hey Everyone!! Hope everyone's Wednesday was Wonderful! It is a bit closer to Friday so I am happy with it. We have a thief in the house now. The bf left $11 on top of the XBox which is on top of our dresser. It was a ten dollar bill and a one dollar bill crumpled up together. Mr. Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior was up on the XBox with the money in his mouth when the bf told him to leave it alone and get down. Next thing you know Mr. Bruce took the money and ran under the bed. He hid it under there somewhere and came out without it. His ninja training apparently now includes the arts of stealing and hiding the goods.

Today I saw the Walgreens Exclusive Wet N Wild Limited Edition Ice Baby display. 

It features 8 glitter shades. The bottles are only .34oz so they are somewhat small and $2.99 each. The glitters are pretty but nothing so spectacular that I bought any of them. I might go back though, one can never tell. If they were cheaper, say, $1.99 I probably would have snagged them without even hesitating but I am trying to save my monies for the China Glaze Holiday polishes.

Today I have for you a Jack O Lantern mani attempt. I am not overly happy with it but considering I did it all free hand I guess it isn't too bad. I used one coat of P2 Electric as the base. I used the Sinful Colors black nail art polish to paint the faces then used my Fantasy Makers Glow in the Dark over the black which is why it looks weird. My son said it looked green.

I put Seche Vite over everything which of course smeared some of it a bit. 

It is cute though because the faces Glow in the Dark which of course I couldn't get to show up on camera. I tried repeatedly too.

It was cute but I wasn't totally loving it. Hopefully tomorrow's is better :)

That's all for now :)

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