Monday, October 3, 2011

Sally Hansen Ay, Ay, Captain!

Hey Everyone!! Ahhh what a Monday. I had a cleaning this morning before work. Now the cat is getting yelled at for scratching the computer and tv screen. Oh what a day.

I have a lot of pictures for you today so I better get started. Last week my cuticles decided to go bonkers and revolt. That was after my nails decided to all break. It wasn't a good nail week lol. The good news is they didn't look as stained short but the bad news is they were really short. I decided that since my cuticles were inflamed and red and not happy I was going to have to stop painting my nails because the acetone was killing me. Water was killing me for that matter. Soooo I decided to nubbinize them all and use some of the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips that I had picked up not too long ago. First I have some naked nail pics for you. I figured I mind as well show you what I was dealing with but feel free to skip ahead, I don't blame you lol.

:( short, stained and totally torn up cuticles :(

It was a very sad nail week :(

So, I got these on clearance at CVS. I had never tried nor did I know if I would like the Salon Effects but I bought the ghost ones for Halloween. I figured I would use these as a trail run to make sure I could apply them and everything without ruining them. The kit comes with two sealed packages of the strips, a nail file and orange stick and instructions. This pattern is the limited edition Ay, Ay, Captain! 

My nails are nubs so I only opened one of those little packs and I didn't even use all of them. The strips were big enough that I could use one for two nails. It was great because now I have more for another time. I took the non used ones and put them in a zip lock baggie. I am not sure if that will keep them as I have heard that they will dry out if left unsealed. I will let you know.

They weren't hard to apply which was good because I wasn't in the mood to deal with rocket science and insanely difficult application instructions. I did not get them all lined up correctly but I figure that it was my first experience and hopefully that will get better. 

I remembered that Karen over at Frazzle and Aniploish had used these particular strips so I ran over there to read her posts and reviews on the Salon Effects. I remembered she had some issues with this one design because they were very floppy without the clear cover so I tried leaving the clear cover on. As she also mentioned I had to be quite careful when trying to remove the clear part after it was on my nail. I ended up having to deal with the flippy floppy strips because it was less frustrating then trying to get that darn clear piece off the stupid strip. Karen's posts helped me a bunch though so THANK YOU KAREN!! I think it might have taken me quite a bit longer without reading your tips.

It really only took me about 30 minutes to do this. The great part is there is no drying time at all. I loved it. I didn't use a base coat though I have heard you can. I was not trying to put anything near my cuticles that didn't need to be there at that point lol.

These strips were really easy to use though I did have a couple of issues. The design looks wrinkly but it was going on perfectly smooth. Also, when using the little orange stick you have to be very careful. I did nick the strip on a couple of nails and in one I caused a little tare. I left it like that but I know it is there. My biggest issue was when I was filing off the extra I chipped a couple of nails because it tore as I was filing it off. Also the filing made it look like there was some tip wear even though I just did the nails. I am not sure if that was due to my technique or what. 

All in all I really do like these strips however I am now DYING to change my nail polish. I am used to changing my polish on a daily basis. I put these on Thursday night and it is now four days later and I am READY to take it off. I was ready Friday night! I think these would be great for vacation though because so far there is very little difference in what they looked like Thursday night when I put them on. I will have an update for you at the five day mark tomorrow. I am going to TRY to keep them going for the full 10 days but my goodness I am itching to grab the acetone. My cuticles are on the mend as well so I am even more anxious to change. lol These buggers would be great for those that want a long lasting mani though.

Since I tortured you with naked nail pictures I have a cute one of Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior. This is what we often see when we are eating at the table. He likes to be included and will sit at the chair and watch. He usually ends up jumping on the table and getting in trouble. I had to take a picture though, he is such a goofy cat.

That's all for now :)


  1. The nail stickers are so cute. I have the same issues with my cuticles, they are very dry and ugly:/

    Well trained Bruce;) Our kitties are attacking when we try to have a meal;) xxx

  2. Hi Silke!!! Thanks :) Ugh, I don't know what to do with the cuticles. Now they are dry and unpleasantly hard :(

    Bruce was up watching us eat again tonight. He doesn't attack he just wants to be in the middle of it. lol

  3. Love the stripes...I am really into the nautical looks :)

  4. Those are very cute, but your poor poor cuticles!

    Funny picture of Bruce. I am cat sitting a kitten who reminds me of baby Bruce.

  5. About the cuticles, are you using acetone for clean up?? I do and I'm sure acetone is the devil. After using it my cuticles are hard and a little "withe-ish" and hurting:(

  6. @Allthatisgorgeous thanks :) I wasn't sure I would like them but I am loving them on.

    Thanks Denise :) I thought they were getting better until one freaked out on me this morning. sigh. Awww is it as bad as baby Bruce? lol what happened with the rooster?

    Oh Silke, acetone is the devil!! I use acetone with some stuff in it (it is pink) that I get at the store then add glycerin to it. I got some pure acetone to do cleanup and I think that was quite upsetting to them. I always put tons of oil on after I do my nails because it is oil/quick dry drops then I put cuticle cream before bed.

  7. Glad I could help some--these look good on you! And getting them on clearance--score! They are great for vacation, and for weeks I know I'll be busy at work and won't have time to change polish. I think they're also a nice vacation for my nails--I want to get my money's worth so I leave them be and my nails get a break from acetone. :)

    Maybe Bruce needs a booster seat so he can see better and won't have to get on the table.

  8. Thanks Karen :) You were a ton of help actually :) It was a super score and has ruined me from wanting to buy them at full price lol

    You know I was thinking they are great for giving my nails a break. They feel like they are strong but that could be because there is polish on them.

    OH MY I laughed so hard at the booster seat. I bet he would LOVE that! He is so nosey, he wants to know what you are eating at all times but half the time he doesn't want it. I had strawberries in a bowl and he stuck his face in it but didn't want to actually eat them. Silly cat.


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