Monday, October 10, 2011

Del Sol Tricks and Treats

Hey Everyone!!! Sorry, running late tonight. I got caught up in the baseball game then the football game and Monday Night Raw. The bf keeps switching between the two shows. Today was quite a trying and tiring day. I realized about noon time that the project we worked on Saturday was still sitting at home and it was due today. My dear son was very lucky his teacher allowed him to turn it in after school because I was fuming. 

Tonight I have for you my first Halloween mani of the season. I need to make this quick because I need to do another one and time is running out. 

For tonight's design I used Del Sol's Trick or Treat. 

I picked this up sometime last year. I loved it in store and it does actually turn unlike a couple of the others that I have. Unfortunately they claim that it will turn black but as you will see it turns more of a brown. It actually makes my nails look dirty which annoys me. 

I love the label on this one and the cute spider webs.

I used Konad plate M13 to stamp pumpkins. I used Jesse's Girl Blackout for the pumpkins.

When it is in the shade it is an awesome Orange glitter. This baby is so glittery and I love it when it is orange. 

I need to work on my centering when stamping. The pumpkins were crooked but still cute. Oh and there is my mutant nub freshly broken nail. The stamp is almost as big as the nail. :(

A little blurry but you can see the glitter in this picture.

In the sun it turns colors which is a score since I have had issues with Del Sol in the past. 

It washed out my pumpkins a little bit but that is ok. I didn't mind.

I did however wish the "black" color that it turned was a little more black and less dingy looking. 

In person it looks like really dirty mud puddle brown.

This polish is really fun though and I will definitely wear it again. It is kind of fun to watch it change. I wish all the Del Sol polishes I have worked as well as this one does.

That's all for now  :)

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