Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Burt and Oscar Pumpkins

 Hey Everyone! I have a headache tonight. BOOOO!!! I hate headaches. I had a Band Booster meeting after work which kept me at the school later than I anticipated so I think it is from lack of food. I hope. It could be lack of sleep. Either way not fun.

Today I have a pumpkin polish mani for you. 

I used four coats of the Pumpkin I named Burt. He is the Glow in the Dark BRIGHT Orange polish. This polish is VERY bright.

I used one coat of the Pumpkin I named Oscar which is the Silver and Black Glitter. 

The lady at the dusty beauty supply place this morning liked it which was nice. I don't get noticed much.

This polish did glow but my pictures did not cooperate very well so I don't have glowing pictures to show you.

Let me tell you though this orange is NEON! 


I think next time I might use some underwear so that I don't have to use four coats though.

My son dropped the cracker box on the floor and Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior decided he wanted to play with it.

Strange little kitty.

He is on the prowl too. He gets CRAZY at night time which is so much fun.

That's all for now :)


  1. haha How cute!!!!!! Did he get himself out or did you have to help? :)

  2. lol oh no he got himself out. He is good at getting himself out of things like the new fall collar I just put on him the other day. When I came home the next night I noticed it was not on him anymore. The bf informed me when he got home from work the collar was on the floor and the cat was not in it.

  3. Hi! how do you manage to wait for the four coats to dry without spoiling your manicure??!! It could be impossible for me... Do you use some kind of nail dryer?
    I love your blog!!

  4. Thank you!!! The pumpkins actually dried really quickly like a matte polish would and then I used Seche Vite which helps dry time. I usually do my nails while watching tv and give it a few minutes between coats if I am patient. If not I slap it on, use SV and will throw some of the Sally's Cuticle oil/fast dry stuff on top and hope for the best lol. I try my hardest to avoid polishes that are more than 2 coats, 3 tops.


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