Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Leaden Lilac

Hey Everyone!! After an awful Monday I am happy to say that Tuesday is looking better. I started to post yesterday but I was in no mood to even try and hide my hostility with the universe. I have a review of Couture Gel Nail Polish as well as some other gel polish brands coming up. I am thinking next week might be a gel polish week. Right now my nails broke down to nublets so they are not  very exciting. Luckily you won't have to see them today since I am using a mani from a week or so ago. 

Today I have a mani using one of the new Sally Hansen Color Foil polishes. 

I used Sally Hansen Color Foil in Leaden Lilac for the base. I love this shade and I love foils/chromes but boy do they show every fault in your nail. I used China Glaze Keep Calm, Paint On from the 2013 Spring Avant Garden Collection for stamping. 

I stamped with Pueen plate PUEEN23 from the 25F Sumptuous plate set.

I wanted to do something different so I left my accent nail without a base color. I painted three coats of Leaden Lilac on the rest of the nails. 

You can see on my pinkie a little bald spot. I didn't exercise enough patience and leave enough time between each coat. There was balding, there was dragging and there was cursing. I actually had to redo the mani twice because it was so bad the first time. The second time was a little better but as you can see I still had a bald spot. Leaving a little more time between coats would help. 

You had to be pretty quick with the stamping since the foil dried fairly quickly. Obviously not quickly enough to satisfy me between coats but quicker than I would have liked for stamping. Typical. Keep Calm, Paint On worked nicely for stamping. 

I think a better, bolder design would have worked better on the accent nail but I didn't think of that until after I was finished. I wasn't about to redo the whole mani yet another time.

I love foil polish but you can see every flaw in my nails and let me tell you my nails have a lot of them. I was thinking this would probably be really nice to apply over a gel mani. You bet your sweet bippy I used a base coat and a top coat despite the bottle advising otherwise. Sorry, I heard that phrase on tv recently and it cracked me up. I have been dying to use it since. 

I won't run out and get all of these colors but if I happen to find the ones I didn't pick up on clearance they sure will come home with me. I only picked up a few of the colors that I didn't have anything similar to. I definitely would like to add Yellow Gold and Minted Metal to my stash at some point.

That's all for now :)


  1. Yeah, these foils are tricky to work with--I think this latest release is worse than the old SH Chromes--probably because they don't use the same chemicals now.

    1. Oh good at least I feel better knowing it isn't me lol I think I have one of the old Chromes, I should go find it and play.


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