Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hot Pink Stars

Hey Everyone!!! This week has been a pain in the butt. I am ready for it to be Friday at 5pm. Sounds like it is going to storm soon. I love the storms but C has to drive about 30 mins away for a job interview so I would prefer it not to be storming while he is driving. Apparently soccer is on, Again. I would really like to not be forced to listen to soccer in Spanish. I don't like soccer as it is much less when having to listen to it in Spanish. I am slightly cranky today. I don't have a car, C took it to go to the interview, and I don't have lunch. I should probably just get on with the mani before I get too cranky.

Today I have a fun mani I did using a neon jelly polish I made and ArtsyFartsyCrafts stars. 

I did a gradient with a kitchen sponge and Sally Girl Cool. I am getting better at the gradients I think. I found the key. I used to use makeup sponges but after watching videos on YouTube I found that using a kitchen sponge is much better. Ever since I tried that my gradients have come out much better. The makeup sponges are great for glitter though so I didn't buy a million of them for no reason.

I had made a neon pink jelly polish by using Sally Girl Cool and clear polish I had laying around. I added about 20 or so drops to get it the color I wanted. I painted that over the gradient and it helped it blend in and give the rest of the nail a nice pop of pink.

I finally decided to use the black stars for a mani. I wanted to do something different so I placed them at the tip instead of near the cuticle. I didn't get them all centered perfectly but they aren't too bad. I love the black stars with the hot pink.

This mani was super bright and fun. I loved it. I still need to work on my gradient skills a bit but I was pretty pleased with how this one turned out. Now I must do it in other neon colors. 

That's all for now :)

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