Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Contact High goes Copa-banana

Hey Everyone!!! I'M BACK!!!! We shouldn't have any more long breaks now. Well, other than breaks of my nails which seems to happen frequently. It has been a pretty crazy time lately. The adoption kennel C worked for has officially closed. Last weekend was the final weekend and we watched the two awesome boys that were left get a home together. That made me both very happy and very sad. I love those boys and I am sad not to be able to work with the adoption kennel any longer. There was a sad moment when a girl dog was returned but happily she was adopted out by a great family the next day. C still has a job which is good. Since he technically didn't work for the group and his boss is really awesome he was able to make a position for him doing other stuff on the site. That makes things a lot less stressful. He is moonlighting with another kennel so I get to go play with the dogs which is great. I love them and want to bring them all home but they aren't even up for adoption yet and I can't possibly house 30 dogs so that isn't going to work out well. Summer has begun and though T will be busy with marching band this summer at least there are no more projects and craziness to be done. I would like to know why they are selling chocolate bars during summer when a. it is 90 degrees outside and b. there is no school making it harder for them to sell the stuff. H is here for most of the summer so we won't get much rest with two kids and lots of band activities but it should be good. My polish is finally out from hiding and even though my nails are short I am ready to go. I should be able to get to editing the pictures and stuff now that I am not running around like a headless chicken. Let's get to the polish, shall we?

Today I have a simple but cute mani using two new polishes from Summer collections.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Copa-banana is from  the 2014 Limited Edition Passport to Rio collection. Wet N Wild Megalast in Contact High is from the 2014 Limited Edition Summer Collection.

I used three coats of Contact High as my base. It is a bright green jelly polish. I absolutely love this polish. I love the color so much. This was the only polish I picked up from this collection and I stalked my local stores for it. I almost bought a couple of the other colors but I was trying to be conservative.

Copa-banana consists of matte pale yellow and black glitters in a clear base. There is a lot of glitter in that bottle. I used one coat and then a sort of blob and place method for the second coat. Basically I just wanted to make sure the glitter was more evenly distributed on my second coat. I actually snatched up a few from the Passport to Rio collection. I love matte glitter.

This mani reminded me of a melon or something. I liked it a lot. I love Contact High and really enjoyed the way it looks with Copa-banana over it. Very fun and summery.

That's all for now :)

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