Thursday, June 12, 2014

Gelaze Celtic Sun Stamped

Hey Everyone! I am typing from a very clean keyboard right now. I accidentally spilled water all over my keyboard this morning. I had to take off each key individually and clean under them to ensure I got all the water. Other than my T which is sticking a little bit the keyboard is tying so much nicer now. I don't even want to think about how much dirt and crumbs and stuff was under those keys. 

Today I have some stamping over one of my Gelish manis. For some reason I am missing a lot of pictures of various manis including a picture of just the Gelish polish. Things should be more organized now.

I started with a base of Gelish Celtic Sun. I used this one without using a white base which was somewhat of a mistake. I had to use four coats to get it dark enough for my liking. It is quite neon and very fun even though it doesn't pop as much as it would with a white base. It also looked very much yellow and non neon under certain lights which was weird.

I wanted to mix up a few different designs for this mani. I looked through my stamping swatch book for designs that reminded me of the 80's-90's when I was in my major neon phase. I think I picked some pretty decent designs and patterns that I am sure I probably wore at some point.  

I used Pueen plate Pueen 05 from the 2013 25F stamping set for my index fingers. I strategically placed the happy faces from Mash-31 on my middle fingers. I figured if I was showing anyone my bird it would be a nice happy face they got to look at. I used the swirly design from Bundle Monster BM-418 for my ring finger and BM-416 for the splatter design on my pinky.

I loved this mani. It was bright and fun and totally reminded me of my childhood. I would have kept it on longer but it started chipping. I am not completely thrilled with the wear time I get on Gelaze polishes. I think this mani lasted a total of 4 days one of which I spent most of the night in the car doing absolutely nothing that would affect wear time.

That's all for now :)

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