Monday, July 21, 2014

JOSS Silver Holo Gel Polish

Hey Everyone!!! It is a gray, wet Monday here in Sunny South Florida. I completely forgot to post on Friday. Work was pretty busy last week and I don't know what I got caught up doing but it wasn't posting obviously. Today I have another gel mani for you though it was supposed to be posted Friday. 

Today's gel polish is from JOSS Nail Lacquer. I believe this is an Australian brand but I am not sure. I tried googling and didn't get a ton of information. I bought this one from Llarowe on sale awhile back. I figured it was a gel polish AND a holographic polish AND on sale so it had to come live with me. After trying it I actually went back and ordered more. They are no longer listed on the website so I am not sure if they will be restocked. 

This is JOSS Gel Polish in Silver Holo. I believe I used three coats for this mani. 

Silver Holo is a really nice holographic gel polish. I don't know of many gel polishes that are holo so I of course had to jump on this one. It isn't an in your face linear holo but it does show it's holo and is quite nice.

I couldn't capture great pictures of it showing the holo because the weather doesn't like to cooperate with me at all. You can see some holo when you are under indoor lighting so that made me pretty happy. 

I would love to find super linear holos in gel form but since I don't know if or where they exist I am quite happy with these polishes. I bought blue and another color which I can't recall at the moment. I had wound up buying two more since the sale price was so good and intended to send one to a friend. Unfortunately I have no idea which color I had planned on keeping and which one I am sending her much less which colors I actually bought. I think there was a magenta involved but I can't recall.

I had no issues with the formula on this one and application was very nice. 

I am a little sad that these are no longer on Llarowe's site because I would definitely buy other colors. I would love to figure out where else they are sold and more information on the brand. I know that I have seen they make some killer holos in regular nail polish form. I will probably be looking into finding some of those too.

That's all for now :)


  1. I've never heard of this brand. It's a light cured gel?

    1. The ones that I bought are light cured gel polishes. The brand has some great regular polishes that are holo but either Llarowe is out of stock or is not carrying the brand anymore. That is pretty much the extent of what I could find on the brand when I was looking lol I also gave up after I got bored of looking.


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