Monday, July 7, 2014

Spoiled Music Notes

Hey Everyone!! I am having some wicked dry eye issues lately. They are causing headaches and general annoyances. I had such a bad headache both Thursday night and Friday afternoon when I was finally ready to do my July 4th mani that I just skipped it. My nails have pretty much been naked all weekend. It is terrible. So are my peelies and the general state of my nails. Yesterday I was going through a box of polishes that I know are dupes and I found the 5 frankens I had made a year ago. That includes the July 4th franken I made last year. I was so annoyed because I wanted to wear that this year but couldn't find it. I might do a July 4th mani in the next couple of days just for fun. I am going to hold off on starting gel polish week until this stupid eye gets under control. The computer aggravates it and I don't want to start the week and not be able to finish it. 

Today I have a fun mani I did for T's end of year concert.

I used my new Messy Mansion purple rectangle stamper and Spoiled Toad-ally Amazing and Champagne Siren.I stamped with Konad black and BBF plate BBF-09 for the music notes.

A better picture of BBF 09. I am torn on these plates. I got them in a group buy on facebook and was super excited for them. It took a bit for the order to come since they are made in Brazil by a very small company. The designs are really really cute. The plates themselves are really small, much smaller than I thought, but the images are big enough for my nails and then some. I had a really hard time with some of them stamping properly though. A really hard time.  I was very tempted to sell or trade them away after swatching them into my book took so much effort. Picking the image up for this mani was no picnic either. For now I have decided to hold on to them and see how I feel next time I use them but I have already opted to not join other group buys for them. It is sad too because they have some really cute images. 

I started the mani using a base of Spoiled Toad-ally Amazing. I think I did three coats but at this point I can't remember for sure. C bought me both of these polishes as a cute little anniversary gift. I hadn't worn them soon enough and he started complaining about it so I decided to use them together for this mani. 

I used a sponge to create glitter gradient tips. I really like how fine the glitter is and how pretty these two colors worked together. 

I stamped the music notes on with my Messy Mansion stamper. I love that stamper. It cooperated best with the BBF plate but I did have some issues here and there.

Top coat of course smeared my stamping and made me very angry.

Overall I loved this mani even with the smears. I love the color combination which is amazing because I am not really big on gold. C did good in picking out these colors for me. Maybe I should convince him to buy me polish more often.

That's all for now :)


  1. I forget that Spoiled has some great polishes; looks great!

    1. Thanks :)
      I always forget about this brand too. I am not too fond of the brush because it is so huge and I seem to always find the brush with stray hair everywhere. They do have some fun colors though.


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