Monday, July 28, 2014

Emerald & Ash Cuticle Oil Review

Hey Everyone!! It is Monday, again. I am not a fan of Monday and clearly with the way it treats me Monday is not much of a fan of me either. Luckily the work day is almost over so there is at least that. This weekend my brother came for a visit. I had found an awesome rolling makeup case on craigslist in his area and arranged for him to purchase it for me. It was not without some difficulty but he was able to get the case and actually brought it down with him. I am so excited! I cleaned it up and glued a couple of areas that needed some help with glue and as soon as  that dries I am going to start loading it up. I can't wait. I will have a home for all of my gel nail stuff and all of my nail art stuff in one place. So excited.

Today I have a review of some new to me cuticle oils. Emerald & Ash is a great little company by a husband and wife team that creates nail polish and cuticle oils. I can't even remember when or where I discovered them but I am glad I did. I believe I might have seen a mention of their cuticle oil somewhere on facebook and after looking into it I had to give them a try. I always try and keep my cuticles moisturized but it seems like whenever I use oil I end up with cuts and hangnails. Another issue I have with oils is the application. I always feel like I get way too much oil on my fingers and then I spend the rest of the day greasy. Once I found out that Emerald & Ash uses a rollerball applicator I was sold on giving them a try. In May they had a huge month long oil event which pretty much finally pushed me into ordering.

When my order came I was so excited. The packaging was really very cute as well. I love the details like the stamped logo on the inside of the box. 

How cool is it that they have a clear business card? Yes, that is right, I am holding it in that picture. It is a clear plastic business card. I am easily entertained and let me tell you this card entertained me for awhile. 

The May oil event kicked off a new program that they are doing called Scent of the Month. Each month a new scent will be featured at a discount so you can try out things you have always wanted to try. The scents from May were Peppered Poppies and Tomato Leaf Coriander. I bought the small 4ml bottles of those scents because I honestly had no idea what they were going to smell like. I also bought a larger 7ml bottle of Monkey Farts and Dreamsicle because I was fairly certain I would love those scents. I believe they have 85 scents as well as an unscented version. They also have a seller's choice option where they will choose a scent and you won't know what you got until it arrives and they do custom blends if you have an idea of scents you want mixed. Quite the assortment.

This is a bottle shot of the mini bottle. It is so cute. It looks really small but lasts a pretty good amount of time. Since I have others I don't use this mini exclusively but I have still yet to run out of it. I keep it by the couch and use it if I am watching tv or after I have done my nails. It will be running out soon but shockingly I still have a bit left in that bottle. I love the cute e & a sticker on the bottle too. 

The applicator is a rollerball which I love. It distributes a nice amount of oil. Sometimes I go a little crazy and roll a bit too much but that is my own fault because I like to play with it.

Overall I am very impressed with the packaging and variety. I have been using the oil since May and at first I was really crazy about application and used it all the time. Since I am lazy and forgetful I have since slowed down in my use but I keep one in my purse as well as next to my bed and try to use it at least once a day if not more. It is not overly greasy and the applicator helps keep it where I want it and where I put it. It absorbs fairly quickly too. I also love the scents, well, most of them. I actually really fell in love with Peppered Poppies which is the first one I used and the one that sits by the couch. Tomato Leaf Coriander I did not care for and will be sending to a friend. It isn't that it smelled bad but it is just a scent that I didn't enjoy. Monkey Farts is fun and yummy smelling and I love it because of the name and the scent. I think the one I most looked forward to is dreamsicle. It is a really yummy scent that is sweet and light but I don't smell enough orange. This is of course my own personal opinion based on the fact that I want a dreamsicle and I like the smell of orange. I am not one of those people that could sit and tell you about scents and top notes and all of that jazz so I can only give a basic opinion. I do really like the dreamsicle scent and would buy it again but it doesn't make my mouth water for a dreamsicle. That is probably good too because I don't have one and I am hungry. 

A few weeks after I received my order I had also received a thank you card in the mail with a hand written thank you message and a cute scratch off card. The scratch off card revealed a 10% off my next purchase coupon. I was so surprised and excited by the cuteness and customer service. I will definitely be ordering from Emerald & Ash again and hopefully I will be trying out their nail polish soon as well. This month the Scent of the Month is Fresh Cut Grass. I am very tempted to try that one out. 

That's all for now :)


  1. I don't think I'd like the tomato one much either lol

    1. Lol yeah it was rather weird. I am dying to get more scents though. I actually ran out of one bottle already which is making me want to order again.


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