Thursday, July 31, 2014

Blue Crushin Diamonds

Hey Everyone!! Is it Friday yet? I have had major computer issues this week. Between the computer at work and the computer at home I was ready to go back to the non computer era. Too much of a headache. Speaking of which I happen to have one right now. T also hasn't been feeling well this week. He is going to the doctor today and hopefully they can make him feel better. I think I need a nap or some coffee. I think getting coffee would be much easier but a nap sounds really nice. I seriously regret giving T my dollar bills this morning. I would love to run up to the gas station and get a cafe con leche.

Today's mani was simple but quite fun. I used ArtsyFartsyCrafts glitter and Sinful Colors Blue Crushin.

I am pretty much addicted to Sinful Colors. It is a cheap thrill and I usually love all their polishes. I always check out their new colors and usually more than one ends up living with me. Blue Crushin was a new color for Summer and part of the Chill Out collection. Honestly half the time my Walgreens stores don't even put the colors in the correct displays. Often they don't even put out new displays and just randomly put new polishes on the shelves. It is annoying.

Capturing the correct shade of this color was difficult. The first picture is most accurate. My outdoor pictures wash the color out and lighten it slightly. I used three coats for this mani but probably could have gotten away with two.

I used the 2x4mm Silver Holographic Diamond (Rhombus) glitter from ArtsyFartsyCrafts for this mani. I placed on in the center of each nail then did a full nail for an accent. I had to cut some of the glitter in half because I have tiny nails and ran out of room. It was easy to place the glitter and it was so pretty on. If I had more time I would have done all my nails covered in glitter but those accent nails took awhile.

I love the glitter when it catches the light. It looks awesome.

I love this color! I love all blues but I was very happy with this one. The formula was great too. Sometimes a pretty creme polish just hits the spot. Add some holo glitter and I am there like a bear!

Another picture where the color is inaccurate but the holo glitter looks so cool I had to post it. I love this glitter when it catches the light.

That's all for now :)

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